guns These Family Portraits with Guns Are No Joke  

Ashley Reign
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You've seen awkward portraits and funny gun pictures, but now it's time for family photos with guns. You know how no matter which side of the whole gun rights debate you tend to fall on, there are always those people who are in a whole other category all to themselves? It seems that there are those who tend to believe in stricter gun laws, those who don’t, and then those who might just have enough ammunition stored in a bunker somewhere to outfit the army of a small nation. Here we’ve compiled a photos of families who love their firearms.

 Even if you haven’t actually encountered the likes of the gun-toting families you’ll see here, there’s no need for you to miss out on all the terror that these pistol-packing portraits have to offer. You’re about to meet a group of folks who we’d call a little eccentric if we weren’t mildly terrified they’d shoot us. So for now, just enjoy the following ways in which they’ve chosen to liven up their family portraits via excessive displays of force.

Whether they’re terrifying mall Santas or their pet parrots, these families are locked, loaded, and ready to go. Enjoy the most tense family reunions and most literal shotgun weddings ever as you get a peek into the daily lives of these families with guns. So the next time you think your family’s a little odd, come on in and get a load of these families who would probably have busted a cap in your ass by now. 

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These Family Portraits with Guns Are No Joke