Weird Nature This Family Skated Across A Frozen Lake In Utah, And The Video Is Breathtaking  

Mick Jacobs

Some activities such as rock climbing or swimming become much more enjoyable when done in a natural environment rather than a civic center or swimming pool. In that same vein, skating on a lake far outranks skating on an ice rink, and the video below proves it.

On the frozen surface of the Pineview Reservoir near Ogden River Canyon, Utah, the McFarland family recorded themselves ice skating across this natural wonder. It puts your local hockey rink to shame.

Instead of bleachers and concession stands, mountains, trees, and clouds surround this ice rink, providing visual stimulation you'll never find at the nearby rec center. 

The ice, clear and clean as a mirror, reflects that same beauty along its surface, lending Pineview a sense of beauty that goes on to infinity. But to understand this completely, you need to watch the video below.