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14 Family Values Politicians with Illegitimate Children

Updated 13 Oct 2018 14.1k views14 items

Most politicians claim to hold strong opinions about the ole of family values in politics. Often politicians will parade their childrenand spouse out in front of the cameras during campaigns and hundreds ofinterviews, just to prove that they are part of loving families. Some of themore conservative politicians even go as far as to say that same-sex marriage isout to destroy their own marriages and therefore support laws that ban gay marriage.A few politicians have even publicly condemned their political peers for theiraffairs before being exposed as hypocrites. Whether they talk up theirconservative opinions about marriage or pretend to be part of perfect families,these politicians are proved to be liars when their own extramarital affair andsecret-love child scandals are revealed.

Politicians like Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards hadno issue putting on a front of being strong, loving family men, before news oftheir long standing affairs were revealed. Other politicians like Carl Paladinoand Vito Fossella had no problem denouncing gay marriage as a threat tomarriage, while hiding their illegitimate children behind closed doors. Evenmany of America’s founding fathers proved to be philanderers when news of theirillegitimate children broke.

Which conservative politicians have illegitimate children?This list features men who have put on a fake front about their belief infamily values while hiding their mistress’s children from view.