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Famous Accordionists

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A List of Famous Accordionists with photos! These are musicians who are masters of their craft. While it is often the singers who claim all the fame, these musicians are famous in their own right. As time has past and music evolved, the list of musical instruments available has grown, especially with the advent of the digital age. While the vocalist may have his lyrics, it is the musicians behind him, who truly make the sound. After all, instrumentals are as popular as ever, but acappellas are few and far between. Best of all, with our modern recording technology, we will be able to enjoy these artists for centuries if not millennia!
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    Alan Bern

    Alan Bern

    Band Name: Brave Old World
  • 2
    Aleksandr Hrustevich

    Aleksandr Hrustevich

  • 3
    Anders Flanders

    Anders Flanders

    Band Name: Detektivbyrån
  • 4
    Andy Cutting

    Andy Cutting

  • 5
    Anthony Galla-Rini

    Anthony Galla-Rini

  • 6
    Art van Damme

    Art van Damme

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    Aslan Tlebzu

    Aslan Tlebzu

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    Beau Jocques

  • 9
    Billy Joel

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  • 10
    Boozoo Chavis
  • 11
    Boris Karlov
  • 12

    Bratko Bibi?

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    Brendon Urie
    Band Name: Panic at the Disco

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  • 14
    Brian Jones
    Band Name: The Rolling Stones

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    Bruce Hornsby

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    Carmen Carrozza
  • 17
    Charles Magnante

    Charles Magnante

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    Cherie de Boer

    Band Name: Accordéon Mélancolique
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    Clifton Chenier
  • 20
    Connie Francis

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  • 21
    Corn Mo
    Band Name: .357 Lover
  • 22
    Cory Pesaturo

    Cory Pesaturo

  • 23
    Daniel Handler
  • 24
    David Hidalgo
    Band Name: Los Lobos
  • 25
    Debra Peters

    Debra Peters