The Best First Roles Played by Your Favorite Actresses

Do you remember your first job? Chances are it wasn’t glamorous, and it didn’t pay well. It’s hard to believe that the big movie stars on this list had to start at the bottom of the Hollywood ladder, and work their way up, but every famous actress had a first role, and they weren't always glamorous. Well, most of them weren't, unless you’re talking about Jennifer Hudson or Julie Andrews. Both of those lucky actresses actually won an Academy Award for their debut performances on the silver screen. But those are the exceptions, most of your favorite actresses got their start playing small parts on the big screen, or minor parts on television.

Think about it. Can you recall the first time you saw Jennifer Aniston? It wasn’t as Rachel Green on Friends, but as a girl fighting an evil leprechaun in a horror film that you most likely never even heard of. Sofia Vergara will probably not want you to see the clip of Stanley Tucci sucking her toes in the offbeat comedy Big Trouble. But she had to make her bones somehow, before landing the dream role of Gloria on the hilarious hit comedy Modern Family.

When coming up with this list, we may skipped over small parts in the way beginning of their careers, you know, the uncredited roles or characters that had little to no speaking parts. Instead, this list concentrates on the first time that we got to see these actresses in action. Think of this list as a "before they were famous" directory.

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