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Famous Actresses You'd Want To Go On A Road Trip With

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List RulesTurn up the tunes, hit a Taco Bell drive thru, and vote up the famous actresses you'd most want as road trip buddies.

There's nothing like hitting the open road for an epic road trip. It's the American way! But what if instead of a normal road trip, you could take a fancy, high-class, star-studded, celebrity road trip? Any of these fun ladies, who also happen to be famous actresses, would make excellent road trip companions, though some might be better than others.

A road trip co-pilot is essential. You'll need someone to argue about the best navigation apps with, so it might as well be a famous actress. Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Poehler, or Charlize Theron? Pack the snacks, queue up your ultimate playlist, and grab a neck pillow, it's time to take in the spectacular sights (and the monotony of the looong open road) with some of the best actresses. They're jokesters, dancers, singers, and party girls, so the long days of driving will fly right by (hopefully).

So vote up your ideal travel partner from the famous actresses below, or add your dream co-pilot. And before you embark on your big celebrity road trip, don't forget to prepare by watching at least a few of the classic road trip movies on this list.
  • Emma Stone, known for her roles in Superbad, Easy A, and the most recent Spider-Man reboot, is one of Hollywood's most fun and down-to-earth young actresses. Full of self-deprecating charm, she'd likely be a delight to spend hours upon hours with in a tiny car.

    - Her boyfriend is Spider-Man, so if you run in to any super villains on the road, help is just a call away.
    - Stone isn't afraid to show off her sweet dance moves, and what's a road trip without at least a little car dancing?

    - Emma occasionally forgets to pay parking tickets until they're past due (we're talking like 8 years past due). Hopefully her license won't be revoked, leaving you with all the driving responsibilities.

    Would you want to road trip with her?

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  • Kristen Bell
    Photo: Magicland9 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Kristen Bell has found plenty of success as an actress and is known for her funny, smart, and clever personality – all great attributes in a road trip companion.

    She also loves to laugh and aspires to a stand-up comedy career someday, but what she really loves are animals, especially sloths. Perhaps your trip could take you on a tour of the country's best zoos and wildlife preserves?

    The "Veronica Mars" star is an avid cheese lover as well – so much so that she gave up being vegan because she missed it.

    - She's a fan of "This American Life" and "Game of Thrones," so if your playlist is getting stale, switching over to NPR or a (looooooong) book on tape won't be a problem.
    - Bell will have plenty of jokes to try out on you.

    - Be sure to check the car for sloths and other creatures before you leave. Animals on a road trip will only cause problems. 
    - Cheese can cause some gassy passengers, so bring an air freshener.

    Would you want to road trip with her?

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  • Jennifer Lawrence
    Photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Widely known as one of Hollywood's most fun actresses, Lawrence always surprises with hilarious antics on the red carpet and in interviews. Goofballs are always great to have on the road with you to keep things interesting, and Lawrence certainly fits the silly bill.

    - Her personality (and wide range of facial expressions) is one of a kind. Look at all this fun!
    - She's a self-described "fast pee-er," which would keep pit stops short on the road.

    - If she wasn't afraid to flip the bird to a roomful of press after winning an Oscar in 2013, who knows what kinds of scary truckers she might accidentally upset.

    Would you want to road trip with her?

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  • Anna Kendrick
    Photo: Georges Biard / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    An easy-going gal with a hilarious Twitter feed, you'll have as much fun live tweeting your trip as you will simply enjoying the ride. Kendrick, for some ungodly reason, plays the accordion, though we much prefer her singing voice as part of the a capella team in Pitch Perfect.

    She's regarded as a sweet, classy, fun, and down-to-earth girl, perfect for sharing the front seat with on long stretches on the open road.

    - A capella singing is great for when you're sick of your road trip playlist.
    - She loves Beyoncé, an excellent music choice for keeping the drive fierce.

    - No accordions allowed, thanks.

    Would you want to road trip with her?

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