The Hottest Models Who Went to College

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Only American models who attended colleges. No restrictions on two or four year schools

A list of famous American models who went to college. While fashion models generally get a bad rap for being airheads or ditzes because they are super incredibly good looking, the ladies on this list buck that trend. Everyone listed here has attended either a junior college, community college or four-year university. You'll be surprised to know that some even got their Master's and law degrees! Not too bad for a group of ladies that casual observer would dismiss for being too hot. A lot of the models attended some pretty prestigious schools. The ones that do the best are the New York City based institutions, with Hunter College leading the way and NYU, Columbia and Barnard at the top of that distinguished list. These are some of the most famous American models to be featured in ads and on the runway.

So who are the American models who attended college? The last cuts across generations and boundaries with original models like Eileen Ford and Ava Gardner repping the old school and Ashley Greene serving as one of the youngest models on here. You may be surprised to learn that Brooke Burke, Halle Berry and Courteney Cox all attended colleges. Or maybe not since they do have a great business sense to go along with their achievements in the fashion and modeling worlds.

This is the list of famous American fashion models who attended college. Vote or re-rank the list according to who you think is the hottest model who attended a university or college.