Famous Aries Female Celebrities

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Only female celebrities born between March 21 and April 19.

Aries tend to be charismatic people who are confident and bold in their choices - all qualities that give you an edge in your climb to the top. Because of their impetuous but determined nature, it's not surprising to see so many famous Aries women who channel their passionate creativity into areas like acting and music. Below, you'll find a list of female celebrities who were born under the star sign Aries.

An Aries has levels of charisma and positivity that not only give them the confidence to trust their impulsiveness but win you over so you trust their impulsiveness, too. Their belief in themselves and their versatility make them shine as singers. Musicians like Lady Gaga, Hayley Kiyoko, Mariah Carey, and Diana Ross are all examples of this sign's lively and lovingly stubborn nature. The courageousness is exemplified in Aries actresses like Emma Watson, born on April 15th, 1990, and Daisy Ridley, born on April 10th, 1992. 

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