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Famous Aries Male Celebrities

Updated 24 Apr 2020 33.0k views74 items

List RulesOnly male celebrities born from March 21 to April 19.

Aries tend to have confidence and charisma to spare. Combined with their tendency to be bold in their choices, they have all the makings for true star power.  It's not surprising to see so many famous Aries, channeling their creative passion into acting, music, and more. Below, you'll find a list of male celebrities who were born under the star sign Aries.

Although they can be considered cocky and impulsive, an Aries really is just confident and ready to trust their gut instinct. And with such charismatic and positive natures, you're ready to trust their gut too. Actors like Paul Rudd and Jackie Chan exemplify these qualities of their star sign, choosing projects that might seem too impulsive or strange at first but end up a great success. Chance The Rapper, born April 16th, 1993, is another great example of an Aries, with a confident jack-of-all-trades nature that has guided him well in acting, music, and his mixed creative pursuits.

Learn more about who are Aries male celebrities in the list below and when you're done, hop over to their famous female Aries counterparts.

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