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Famous Artists from Hungary

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List of the most popular artists from Hungary, listed alphabetically with photos when available. For centuries artists have been among the world's most important people, helping chronicle history and keep us entertained with one of the earliest forms of entertainment. Whether they're known for painting, sculpting, etching or drawing, the famous Hungarian artists on this list have kept that tradition alive by creating renowned pieces of art that have been praised around the world. You can find useful information below about these notable Hungarian artists, such as when they were born and where their place of birth was.

You can rank all of these artists, from László Paál to Jan Kupecký.

This list answers the questions, "Which famous artists are from Hungary?" and "Who are the most well-known Hungarian artists?"

For further information on these historic Hungarian artists, click on their names. If you're a fine art lover use this list of celebrated Hungarian artists to discover some new paintings that you will enjoy.
  • Victor Vasarely

    Victor Vasarely

    Folklore planetaire, Granat

    BirthplacePécs, Hungary

    Associated periods or movementsHard-edge painting, Op art

    NationalityFrance, Hungary

    Art FormsPainting

    Victor Vasarely (French: [viktɔʁ vazaʁəli]; born Győző Vásárhelyi, Hungarian: [ˈvaːʃaːrhɛji... more on Wikipedia
  • János Mattis-Teutsch

    János Mattis-Teutsch

    János Mattis-Teutsch or Máttis-Teutsch, Mátis-Teutsch (IPA: [ˈjaːnoʃ ˈmɒtːiʃ ˈtʰɔʏ̯t͡ʃ]; the... more on Wikipedia
  • Stefan Jäger

    Stefan Jäger

    Stefan Jäger (May 28, 1877 in Tschene/Torontál – March 16, 1962 in Jimbolia/Hatzfeld, Romanian... more on Wikipedia
  • Master MS
    Master M. S. (Hungarian: M. S. Mester, German: Meister M. S., Slovak: Majster M. S.) was a... more on Wikipedia
  • Simon Hantaï
    Simon Hantaï (7 December 1922, Biatorbágy, Hungary – Paris, 12 September 2008; took French... more on Wikipedia
  • Constantin Daniel Rosenthal
    Constantin Daniel Rosenthal (b. Pest, Austrian Empire: Rosenthal Konstantin, 1820 – July 23,... more on Wikipedia
  • Sándor Ziffer

    Sándor Ziffer

    Sándor Ziffer (May 5, 1880, in Eger - September 8, 1962, in Baia Mare) was a Hungarian painter... more on Wikipedia
  • Baroness Emma Orczy
    Baroness Emma Magdolna Rozália Mária Jozefa Borbála "Emmuska" Orczy de Orci (; 23 September... more on Wikipedia
  • László Moholy-Nagy

    László Moholy-Nagy

    Helsinki, Puppen (In der Mittagssonne) (Dolls [In the Midday Sun])

    BirthplaceBácsborsód, Hungary

    Associated periods or movementsBauhaus style


    Art FormsPhotography, Painting

    László Moholy-Nagy (; Hungarian: [ˈlaːsloː ˈmohojnɒɟ]; born László Weisz; July 20, 1895 –... more on Wikipedia
  • Marcel Breuer

    Marcel Breuer

    Wassily Chair, Cesca Chair

    BirthplacePécs, Hungary

    NationalityUnited States of America, Hungary, Germany

    Marcel Lajos Breuer, was a Hungarian-born modernist, architect and furniture designer. One of... more on Wikipedia
  • Károly Lotz
    Lotz Károly Antal Pál, or Karl Anton Paul Lotz (16 December 1833 – 13 October 1904) was a... more on Wikipedia
  • Robert Capa

    Robert Capa

    The Falling Soldier, Trotsky in Copenhagen

    BirthplaceBudapest, Hungary

    NationalityUnited States of America, Hungary

    Robert Capa (born Endre Ernő Friedmann; October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954) was a Hungarian-born... more on Wikipedia
  • Philip de László

    Philip de László

    Philip Alexius de László, MVO (Hungarian: Fülöp Elek László, 30 April 1869 – 22 November 1937)... more on Wikipedia
  • Paul Hartal
    Paul Hartal (born 1936) is a Canadian painter and poet, born in Szeged, Hungary. He has... more on Wikipedia
  • Péter Forgács
    Péter Forgács (born 1950) is a media artist and independent filmmaker based in Budapest,... more on Wikipedia
  • Mihály Munkácsy

    Mihály Munkácsy

    Glorification of the Renaissance, Storm in the Puszta

    BirthplaceMukachevo, Ukraine

    Associated periods or movementsDüsseldorf school of painting


    Art FormsPainting

    Mihály Munkácsy (20 February 1844 – 1 May 1900) was a Hungarian painter. He earned... more on Wikipedia
  • Albert Schickedanz
    Albert Schickedanz was an Austro-Hungarian architect and painter in the Eclectic... more on Wikipedia
  • André François (9 November 1915 – 11 April 2005), born André Farkas, was a Hungarian-born... more on Wikipedia
  • Cornell Capa (April 10, 1918 – May 23, 2008) was a Hungarian American photographer, member of... more on Wikipedia
  • József Rippl-Rónai

    József Rippl-Rónai

    Self-Portrait with Red Beret, My Parents after Forty Years of Marriage

    BirthplaceKaposvár, Hungary

    Associated periods or movementsArt Nouveau, Les Nabis


    Art FormsPainting

    József Rippl-Rónai (23 May 1861 – 25 November 1927) was a Hungarian painter. He first... more on Wikipedia
  • Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry

    Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry

    Springtime in Mostar, Balbeck

    BirthplaceSabinov, Slovakia

    Associated periods or movementsPost-Impressionism, Expressionism


    Art FormsPainting

    Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈtivɒdɒr ˈt͡ʃontvaːri ˈkostkɒ]; July 5,... more on Wikipedia
  • Maurice Ascalon
    Maurice Ascalon (Hebrew: מוריס אשקלון‎; 1913–2003) was an Israeli designer and sculptor. He... more on Wikipedia
  • Béla Iványi-Grünwald

    Béla Iványi-Grünwald

    Béla Iványi-Grünwald (6 May 1867 – 24 September 1940) was a Hungarian painter, a leading... more on Wikipedia
  • Sylvia Plachy
    Sylvia Plachy (born 24 May 1943) is a Hungarian/American photographer. Plachy's work has been... more on Wikipedia
  • Líviusz Gyulai

    Líviusz Gyulai (born December 2, 1937 in Baraolt, Romania) is a Hungarian graphic artist,... more on Wikipedia