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Famous Artists from Norway

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List of the most popular artists from Norway, listed alphabetically with photos when available. For centuries artists have been among the world's most important people, helping chronicle history and keep us entertained with one of the earliest forms of entertainment. Whether they're known for painting, sculpting, etching or drawing, the famous Norwegian artists on this list have kept that tradition alive by creating renowned pieces of art that have been praised around the world. You can find useful information below about these notable Norwegian artists, such as when they were born and where their place of birth was.

With artists ranging from Rolf Aamot to August Schneider, this is a great starting point for a list of your favorites.

This list answers the questions, "Which famous artists are from Norway?" and "Who are the most well-known Norwegian artists?"

For further information on these historic Norwegian artists, click on their names. If you're a fine art lover use this list of celebrated Norwegian artists to discover some new paintings that you will enjoy.
  • Edvard Munch

    Edvard Munch

    The Scream, Madonna

    BirthplaceÅdalsbruk, Løten, Norway

    Associated periods or movementsExpressionism, Symbolist literature


    Art FormsSculpture, Painting, Printmaking, Drawing

    Edvard Munch ( MUUNK, Norwegian: [ˈɛdvɑʈ ˈmʊŋk] (listen); 12 December 1863 – 23 January 1944)...  more

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  • Odd Nerdrum

    Odd Nerdrum

    Drifting, One Story Singer

    BirthplaceHelsingborg, Sweden

    Associated periods or movementsContemporary art


    Art FormsPainting

    Odd Nerdrum (born 8 April 1944) is a Swedish-born, Norwegian figurative painter whose work is...  more
  • Stephan Sinding
    Stephan Abel Sinding (4 August 1846 – 23 January 1922) was a Norwegian-Danish sculptor. He...  more
  • Amaldus Nielsen
    Amaldus Clarin Nielsen (23 May 1838 – 10 December 1932) was a Norwegian painter....  more
  • Harald Sohlberg

    Harald Sohlberg

    Winter's Night in Rondane

    BirthplaceOslo, Norway

    Associated periods or movementsNeo-romanticism


    Art FormsPainting

    Harald Oskar Sohlberg (29 September 1869 – 19 June 1935) was a Norwegian Neo-romantic painter....  more
  • Christian Skredsvig

    Christian Skredsvig

    Christian Skredsvig (12 March 1854 – 19 January 1924) was a Norwegian painter and writer. He...  more
  • Frits Thaulow

    Frits Thaulow

    La Dordogne, A French River Landscape

    BirthplaceOslo, Norway

    Associated periods or movementsImpressionism


    Art FormsPainting

    Frits Thaulow (20 October 1847 – 5 November 1906) was a Norwegian Impressionist painter, best...  more
  • Petter Hegre
    Petter Hegre is a Norwegian photographer, known for his nude photography of women....  more
  • Svein Krøvel
    Svein Krøvel (12 May 1946 – 29 December 2011) was a Norwegian cinematographer, known for his...  more
  • Gustav Vigeland

    BirthplaceMandal, Norway, Norway


    Art FormsSculpture

    Gustav Vigeland (11 April 1869 – 12 March 1943), born as Adolf Gustav Thorsen, was a Norwegian...  more
  • Hans Dahl

    Hans Dahl

    Sognefjord Near Summer Home in Balestrand, By the Fjord

    BirthplaceGranvin, Norway


    Art FormsPainting

    Hans Dahl (19 February 1849 – 27 July 1937) was a Norwegian painter. Hans Dahl was famous for...  more
  • Hans Gude

    Hans Gude

    Nødhavn Ved Norskekysten

    BirthplaceOslo, Norway

    Associated periods or movementsDüsseldorf school of painting


    Hans Fredrik Gude (13 March 1825 – 17 August 1903) was a Norwegian romanticist painter and is...  more
  • Eilif Peterssen

    Eilif Peterssen

    Portrait of Henrik Ibsen, Laksefiskeren



    Art FormsPainting

    Hjalmar Eilif Emanuel Peterssen (September 4, 1852 – December 29, 1928) was a Norwegian...  more
  • Erik Werenskiold
    Erik Theodor Werenskiold (11 February 1855 – 23 November 1938) was a Norwegian painter and...  more
  • August Schneider

    August Schneider

    Gerhard August Schneider (6 January 1842 - 14 January 1873) was a Norwegian artist and...  more
  • Kjartan Slettemark

    Kjartan Slettemark

    Kjartan Slettemark (6 August 1932, Naustdal, Norway – 13 December 2008, Stockholm, Sweden) was...  more
  • Adolph Tidemand

    Adolph Tidemand

    Adolph Tidemand (14 August 1814 – 8 August 1876) was a noted Norwegian romantic nationalism...  more
  • Rolf Aamot (born in Bergen on 28 September 1934) is a Norwegian painter, film director,...  more
  • Ingar Dragset

    Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism

    BirthplaceTrondheim, Norway


    Ingar Dragset (born 1968) is a Norwegian artist who collaborates with Danish artist Michael...  more
  • Anders Beer Wilse
    Anders Beer Wilse (12 June 1865 – 21 February 1949) was a Norwegian photographer who...  more
  • Bjørn Opsahl

    Ask the Dust, Deadscapes


    Bjorn Opsahl is a Norwegian photographer, director and lecturer from Oslo. Opsahl debuted as...  more
  • Marianne Aulie

    Marianne Aulie

    Marianne Aulie (born 23 October 1971 in Lørenskog) is a Norwegian painter and former...  more
  • Hariton Pushwagner
    Terje Brofos (2 May 1940 – 24 April 2018), better known by stage name Hariton Pushwagner, was...  more
  • Stian Heimlund Skjæveland
    Stian Heimlund Skjæveland (born November 19, 1973 in Stavanger) is a Norwegian...  more
  • Shabana Rehman Gaarder
    Shabana Rehman Gaarder (Urdu: شبانه رحمان‎; born 14 July 1976) is a Pakistani-Norwegian...  more