Famous Artists from Ukraine

List of the most popular artists from Ukraine, listed alphabetically with photos when available. For centuries artists have been among the world's most important people, helping chronicle history and keep us entertained with one of the earliest forms of entertainment. Whether they're known for painting, sculpting, etching or drawing, the famous Ukrainian artists on this list have kept that tradition alive by creating renowned pieces of art that have been praised around the world. You can find useful information below about these notable Ukrainian artists, such as when they were born and where their place of birth was.

This list has a variety of artists in it, from Ivan Marchuk to Vladimir Borovikovsky.

This list answers the questions, "Which famous artists are from Ukraine?" and "Who are the most well-known Ukrainian artists?"

For further information on these historic Ukrainian artists, click on their names. If you're a fine art lover use this list of celebrated Ukrainian artists to discover some new paintings that you will enjoy.
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  • Kazimir Malevich
    Self Portrait, Lady on a Tram Station, Painterly Realism. Boy with Knapsack - Color Masses in the Fourth Dimension
    • Birthplace: Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
    • Associated periods or movements: Geometric abstraction, Cubism, Suprematism
    • Nationality: Ukraine, Russian Empire, Soviet Union
    • Art Forms: Painting
    Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (February 23 [O.S. 11] 1879 – May 15, 1935) was a Russian avant-garde artist and art theorist, whose pioneering work and writing had a profound influence on the ...more
  • Ivan Aivazovsky
    The Landing at SubashI, The Battle of Chesma, The Ninth Wave
    • Birthplace: Feodosia, Ukraine
    • Associated periods or movements: Romanticism
    • Nationality: Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Russian Empire
    • Art Forms: Painting, Drawing
    Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (Russian: Ива́н Константи́нович Айвазо́вский; 29 July 1817 – 2 May 1900) was a Russian Romantic painter who is considered one of the greatest masters of marine art. ...more
  • Maria Prymachenko

    Maria Prymachenko

    Rat on a Journey, Lion, Vania and Katia
    • Birthplace: Ivankiv Raion, Ukraine
    • Associated periods or movements: Naïve art
    • Art Forms: Painting
    Maria Pryimachenko (Ukrainian: Примаченко Марія Оксентіївна) (1908–1997) was a Ukrainian village folk art painter, representative of naïve art. The artist was involved with drawing, embroidery and ...more
  • Cassandre, pseudonym of Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron (24 January 1901 – 17 June 1968) was a French painter, commercial poster artist, and typeface designer.
  • Peter Weibel (German: [ˈvaɪbəl]; born 5 March 1944 in Odessa, USSR) is an internationally known Austrian post-conceptual artist, curator and new media theoretician. He started out in 1964 as a visual ...more
  • Ihor Podolchak (Ukrainian: Ігор Подольчак, Polish: Igor Podolczak) (born April 9, 1962) is a Ukrainian filmmaker and visual artist. He is a co-founder of the creative association Masoch Fund.Ihor ...more