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Sports stars and athletes can let you know what they're up to off the field by communicating with their fans directly on the internet. Twitter makes these interactions so much more possible. Some of these athletes' first tweets are kind of lame, they just mention the fact that they're new to Twitter. Cool story, bro. Other first-time tweeters hit the ground running, and tweet as if they were seasoned pro. And then there was whatever Paul Pierce was on about.

Do you like reading tweets from athletes? Does it feel like you're closer to the action? How many players are tweeting from the locker rooms or from the fields? No longer are these athletes mere warriors you watch from afar, now you can see what they are thinking. And a lot of the time they have great stuff to say (well, not you, Ryan Lochte). 

Twitter really came of age at the end of the last decade. In the 2010s it has changed the way that we interact with the world. People have revolted for freedom on Twitter, others have made a living writing tweets. We're glad these guys are keeping their day jobs, though.

Vote up your favorite first tweet from the athletes below or vote down the sports stars who really missed the mark.
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