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Famous Athletes from Belarus

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List of famous athletes from Belarus, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Belarus has seen some very talented athletes over the years, many of who have gone on to represent their country in the Olympics. These are some of the best Belorussian athletes of all time, so if you're a native of Belarus and are aspiring to compete in sports professionally then these are people you should look up to. If you're searching for a particular popular athlete from Belarus then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

List athletes include Raman Astapenka, Zinaida Stahurskaya and many more.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest Belorussian athletes?" and "Which athletes are from Belarus?"

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    Victória Fyódorovna Azárenka (Belarusian: Вікторыя Фёдараўна Азаранка; Russian: Виктория Фёдоровна Азаренко; born 31 July 1989) is a Belarusian professional tennis player. She is a former world No. 1...  more
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    Andrei Valeryevich Arlovski (Belarusian: Андрэй Валер'евіч Арлоўскі, Belarusian pronunciation: [anˈdrɛj vaˈlʲɛrɛvitʃ arˈlɔwski], born 4 February 1979) is a Belarusian mixed martial artist, actor and...  more
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    Dmitri Markov (Belarusian: Дзьмітры Маркаў; born 14 March 1975 in Vitebsk, Byelorussian SSR) is a retired Belarusian and Australian pole vaulter. He is a former world champion and current Oceanian...  more
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    Dárya Vladímirovna Dómracheva (Belarusian: Дар’я Уладзіміраўна Домрачава, Russian: Дарья Владимировна Домрачева; born 3 August 1986) is a retired Belarusian biathlete who competed in the Biathlon...  more
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    Sviatlana Sudak (Belarusian: Сьвятлана Судак; born 20 March 1971) is a Turkish female hammer thrower of Belarusian origin. She was born in Grodno, Belarus....  more
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    Olga Nazarova is a biathlete....  more

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    Nadezhda Skardino is a biathlete....  more
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    Liudmila Kalinchik is a retired Belarusian biathlete. She represented Belarus at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver....  more
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    Olga Vasiljonok (born May 17, 1980) is a Belarusian cross country skier who has been competing since 2000. She finished sixth in the team sprint at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2007 in...  more
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    Dmitri Vladimirovich Daschinski (born November 9, 1977 in Minsk), is a Belarusian freestyle skier. He is a four-time Olympian and two-time Olympic medalist in freestyle aerials, winning bronze at the...  more
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    Nadzeya Ostapchuk (Belarusian: Надзея Мікалаеўна Астапчук, Nadzeya Mikalayeuna Astapchuk; Russian: Надежда Остапчук, Nadezhda Ostapchuk; born October 28, 1980) is a Belarusian shot putter. She...  more
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    Natasha Zvereva (Belarusian: Наталля Маратаўна Зверава; born 16 April 1971) is a former professional tennis player from Belarus. She was the first major athlete in the Soviet Union to demand publicly...  more
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    Toronto Maple Leafs

    BirthplacePotsdam, Germany



    Michail Jurjevič Hraboŭski (Belarusian: Міхаіл Юр'евiч Грабоўскі; born 31 January 1984), better known as Mikhail Grabovski (Russian: Михаил Грабовский), is a German-born Belarusian professional ice...  more
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    Aleksei Gennadyevich Grishin (Belarusian: Аляксей Генадзьевіч Грышын; Russian: Алексей Геннадьевич Гришин; born 18 June 1979) is a Belarusian freestyle skier who competed at five consecutive Olympics...  more
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    Ekaterina Rudakova is a Cross Country Skier....  more
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    Alla Tsuper is an Olympic Freestyle Skier....  more
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    Ekaterina Karsten (Belarusian: Кацярына Карстэн, Kaciaryna Karsten; Russian: Екатерина Карстен; born 2 June 1972) is a Belarusian rower, a seven-time Olympian, a two-time Olympic champion and...  more
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    Svetlana Radkevich is a speed skater....  more
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    Olga Govortsova (Belarusian: Вольга Аляксееўна Гаварцова (Volga Havartsova); Russian: Ольга Алексеевна Говорцова; born 23 August 1988) is a professional Belarusian tennis player. Her highest WTA...  more
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    Sergey Novikov is a biathlete....  more
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    Siarhei Rutenka, also Sergej Rutenka (Belarusian: Сяргей Рутэнка; born 29 September 1981) is a Belarusian former handball player. Besides Belarusian citizenship, he also acquired Slovenian...  more
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    Svetlana Leonidovna Boginskaya (Belarusian: Святлана Леанідаўна Багінская; Russian: Светла́на Леони́довна Боги́нская; born February 9, 1973) is a former artistic gymnast for the Soviet Union and...  more
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    Alena Sannikova is a Cross Country Skier....  more
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    Natallia Mikhnevich (Belarusian: Наталля Міхневіч, née Belarusian: Харанэка, Kharaneka; born May 25, 1982 in Nevinnomyssk, Russian SFSR) is a Belarusian shot putter....  more
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    Natallia Sazanovich (Belarusian: Наталля Сазановіч; born August 15, 1973 in Baranavičy) is a former Belarusian heptathlete. She won two Olympic medals, and achieved her personal best score of 6563...  more