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Famous Athletes from Czech Republic

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List of famous athletes from Czech Republic, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Czech Republic has seen some very talented athletes over the years, many of who have gone on to represent their country in the Olympics. These are some of the best Czech athletes of all time, so if you're a native of Czech Republic and are aspiring to compete in sports professionally then these are people you should look up to. If you're searching for a particular popular athlete from Czech Republic then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

The list you're viewing is made up of many different athletes, including Regina Maršíková and Daniel Zítka.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest Czech athletes?" and "Which athletes are from Czech Republic?"

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  • 1
    Petr Čech

    Petr Čech

    Chelsea F.C.

    BirthplacePilsen, Czech Republic

    NationalityCzech Republic, Czechoslovakia

    PositionForward, Goalkeeper

    Petr Čech (Czech pronunciation: [ˈpɛtr̩ ˈtʃɛx] (listen); born 20 May 1982) is a Czech former... more on Wikipedia

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    Katarína Garajová
    Katarína Garajová is a cross-country skier.
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    Loukas Vyntra

    Loukas Vyntra

    Greece national football team

    BirthplaceMěsto Albrechtice, Czech Republic

    NationalityCzech Republic, Greece, Czechoslovakia


    Loukas Vyntra (Greek: Λουκάς Βύντρα; born 5 February 1981) is a Greek professional footballer... more on Wikipedia
  • 4
    Olga Fikotová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈolɡa ˈfɪkotovaː], born 13 November 1932) is a... more on Wikipedia
  • 5
    Petra Kvitová
    Petra Kvitová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈpɛtra ˈkvɪtovaː]; born 8 March 1990) is a Czech... more on Wikipedia

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    Jana Novotná

    Jana Novotná

    Jana Novotná (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjana ˈnovotnaː]; 2 October 1968 – 19 November 2017) was a... more on Wikipedia
  • 7
    Martina Sáblíková
    Martina Sáblíková (Czech pronunciation: [ˈmarcɪna ˈsaːbliːkovaː] (listen)) (born 27 May 1987)... more on Wikipedia

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    Aleš Hemský

    Aleš Hemský

    Edmonton Oilers

    BirthplacePardubice, Czech Republic

    NationalityCzech Republic

    PositionRight wing

    Aleš Hemský (Czech pronunciation: [ˈalɛʃ ˈɦɛmskiː], born 13 August 1983) is a Czech... more on Wikipedia
  • 9
    Šárka Strachová
    Šárka Strachová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈʃaːrka ˈstraxovaː]; born Záhrobská on 11 February... more on Wikipedia

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  • 10
    Dominik Hašek
    Dominik Hašek (Czech pronunciation: [ˈdomɪnɪk ˈɦaʃɛk], audio ; born January 29, 1965) is a... more on Wikipedia
  • 11
    Kateřina Emmons
    Kateřina Emmons, née Kůrková (Czech pronunciation: [ˈkatɛr̝ɪna ˈkuːrkovaː]; born November 17,... more on Wikipedia
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    Regina Maršíková (born 11 December 1958) is a retired tennis player from Czechoslovakia.
  • 13
    Jaroslav Drobný
    Jaroslav Drobný (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjaroslav ˈdrobniː]; 12 October 1921 - 13 September... more on Wikipedia

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  • 14
    Nicole Vaidišová
    Nicole Vaidišová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈnɪkol ˈvajɟɪʃovaː]; born 23 April 1989) is a former... more on Wikipedia

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  • 15
    Věra Čáslavská
    Věra Čáslavská (Czech pronunciation: [ˈvjɛra ˈtʃaːslafskaː]; 3 May 1942 – 30 August 2016) was... more on Wikipedia
  • 16
    Nikola  Sudova
    Nikola Sudova is a freestyle skier.
  • 17
    Kamila Rajdlová
    Kamila Rajdlová (born April 22, 1978 in Liberec) is a Czech cross country skier who has... more on Wikipedia
  • 18
    Kateřina Neumannová
    Kateřina Neumannová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈkatɛr̝ɪna ˈnojmanovaː] (listen)) (born 15 February... more on Wikipedia
  • 19
    Helena Suková
    Helena Suková (Czech pronunciation: [ˈɦɛlɛna ˈsukovaː]) (born 23 February 1965) is a former... more on Wikipedia
  • 20
    Jaromír Jágr

    Jaromír Jágr

    Philadelphia Flyers

    BirthplaceKladno, Czech Republic

    NationalityCzech Republic

    PositionRight wing

    Jaromír Jágr (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjaromiːr ˈjaːɡr̩] (listen); born 15 February 1972) is a... more on Wikipedia
  • 21
    Tomáš Vokoun

    Tomáš Vokoun

    Washington Capitals

    BirthplaceSeverozápad, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

    NationalityCzech Republic


    Tomáš Vokoun (Czech pronunciation: [ˈtomaːʃ ˈvokoun]; born 2 July 1976) is a Czech former... more on Wikipedia
  • 22
    Petr Nedvěd (born December 9, 1971) is a Czech Canadian former professional ice hockey player... more on Wikipedia
  • 23
    Klára Zakopalová
    Klára Koukalová (formerly Zakopalová; born 24 February 1982) is a retired Czech tennis player.... more on Wikipedia
  • 24
    Erich Brabec

    Erich Brabec


    BirthplaceČeské Budějovice, Czech Republic

    NationalityCzech Republic,Czechoslovakia


    Erich Brabec (born 24 February 1977) is a Czech football manager and a former player. He is... more on Wikipedia
  • 25
    Sarka  Sudova
    Sarka Sudova is a freestyle skier.