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Famous Athletes from Ethiopia

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List of the most popular, renowned or famous athletes from Ethiopia. List includes the most notable athletes from Ethiopia, along with photos when available. This list of Ethiopian athletes is alphabetical, but can be sorted by any column and answers the question "what famous athletes are from Ethiopia?" You can click on the names of the famous athletes of Ethiopia in order to get more information about each one. You can rank all of these athletes, from Nahom Mesfin Tariku to Fatuma Roba. You may copy this fact-based list to build your own just like it, re-rank it to fit your views, then publish it to share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks you use on a regular basis. {#nodes}
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    Kenenisa Bekele (Amharic: ቀነኒሳ በቀለ; born 13 June 1982) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner...  more
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    Haile Gebrselassie (Amharic: ኃይሌ ገብረ ሥላሴ, haylē gebre silassē; born 18 April 1973) is a...  more

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    Tirunesh Dibaba, also known as Tirunesh Dibaba Kenene, (Amharic: ጥሩነሽ ዲባባ ቀነኒ; born 1 June...  more
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    Meseret Defar

    Meseret Defar Tola (Amharic: መሰረት ደፋር; born 19 November 1983) is an Ethiopian long-distance...  more
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    Getenesh "Gete" Wami Degife (Ge'ez:ጌጤነሽ 'ጌጤ' ዋሚ ደግፌ born December 11, 1974 in Debre Berhan) is...  more
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    Derartu Tulu (Amharic: ደራርቱ ቱሉ; Afaan Oromo: Daraartuu Tulluu; born March 21, 1972) is an...  more
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    Fatuma Roba (Amharic: ፋጡማ ሮባ; born 18 December 1973) is an Ethiopian long distance runner,...  more
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    Werknesh Kidane (Amharic: ወርቅነሽ ኪዳነ; born November 21, 1981), is an Ethiopian long distance...  more
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    Ejegayehu Dibaba Keneni (Amharic: እጅጋዬሁ ዲባባ;Afaan Oromo: Ijigaayahuu Dibaabaa; born 21 March...  more
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    Robel Zeimichael Teklemariam (born September 16, 1974) is an Ethiopian cross-country skier who...  more
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    Gelete Burka Bati (sometimes misspelled Burika, Oromo: Galate Burqaa Baati, Amharic: ገለቴ ቡርቃ; ...  more
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    Youssouf Hersi (born 20 August 1982) is a retired professional footballer who played as an...  more
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    Sentayehu Ejigu Tamerat (born 21 June 1985 in Debre Markos, Amhara Region) is an Ethiopian...  more
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    Meselech Melkamu (Amharic: መሰለች መልካሙ; born 27 April 1985 in Debre Marqos) is an Ethiopian...  more
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    Berhane Adere Debala (Ge'ez: ብርሀኔ አደሬ born 21 July 1973 in Shewa) is an Ethiopian...  more
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    Mestawet Tufa (Amharic: መስታወት ቱፋ; born 14 September 1983 in Arsi) is an Ethiopian...  more
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    Bezunesh Bekele (full name Bezunesh Bekele Sertsu, also written Bizunesh Bekele; born 29...  more
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    Wude Ayalew Yimer (Amharic: ውዴ ፡ አያሌው ፡ ይመር; born 4 July 1987 in Gojjam) is an Ethiopian...  more
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    Amiya Taga

    Hapoel Ashkelon
    Imaye Taga (Hebrew: אמייה טגה‎, born 1 February 1985) is a retired Ethiopian-born Israeli...  more
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    Asha Gigi Roba (born 15 October 1973 in Arsi) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner who...  more
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    Kutre Dulecha (born August 22, 1978 in Sidamo) is a middle distance runner from Ethiopia. She...  more
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    Ayelech Worku (born June 12, 1979) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, most known for...  more
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    Sileshi Sihine (Amharic: ስለሺ ስህኔ; born January 29, 1983 in Sheno) is an Ethiopian...  more
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    Benjamin Kibebe

    FC Nordsjælland
    Benjamin Kibebe (born August 13, 1981) is a Swedish footballer....  more
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    Mestawat Tadesse (born 19 July 1985) is an Ethiopian middle distance runner , who specializes...  more