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Famous Athletes from Portugal

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List of famous athletes from Portugal, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Portugal has seen some very talented athletes over the years, many of who have gone on to represent their country in the Olympics. These are some of the best Portuguese athletes of all time, so if you're a native of Portugal and are aspiring to compete in sports professionally then these are people you should look up to. If you're searching for a particular popular athlete from Portugal then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

List features athletes like Jorge Costa, Francisco Zuela.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest Portuguese athletes?" and "Which athletes are from Portugal?"

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    Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro GOIH ComM (born 5 February 1985) is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Serie A club Juventus and captains the Portugal national team....  more
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    Portugal national football team
    Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha ComM (born 17 November 1986), commonly known as Nani (Portuguese pronunciation: [naˈni]), is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a winger for Orlando City...  more
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    Artur Paulo Oliveira da Silva (born 24 December 1968 in Guimarães), known as Best, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper. ...  more
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    FC Zenit Saint Petersburg
    Daniel Miguel Alves Gomes (born 7 August 1983), commonly known as Danny, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder. Also a winger, he is known for his dribbling and...  more
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    Carlos Alberto Fernandes (born 8 December 1979), known simply as Carlos, is an Angolan professional footballer who plays for A.D. Os Limianos as a goalkeeper....  more
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    Ariza Makukula

    Ariza Makukula (born 4 March 1981) is a Portuguese former footballer who played as a centre forward. He only amassed Primeira Liga totals of 26 matches and nine goals over three seasons, spending the...  more
  • 7
    Maria Fernanda Moreira Ribeiro, GCIH (Portuguese pronunciation: [fɨɾˈnɐ̃dɐ ʁiˈbɐjɾu], born 23 June 1969), is a long-distance runner born in Penafiel, Portugal. The pinnacle of her career was at the...  more
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    Francis Obiorah Obikwelu, GOIH (born 22 November 1978) is a retired Nigerian-born Portuguese sprinter, who specialized in 100 metres and 200 metres. He obtained Portuguese citizenship in 2001. He is...  more
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    Moisés Constantino Henriques is a professional Portuguese-born Australian cricketer who currently plays for the New South Wales Blues....  more
  • 10
    Rosa Maria Correia dos Santos Mota, GCIH, GCM (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʁɔzɐ ˈmɔtɐ]; born 29 June 1958) is a Portuguese former marathon runner, one of her country's foremost athletes, being the...  more
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    José Bosingwa

    Chelsea F.C.
    José Bosingwa da Silva (born 24 August 1982), known as Bosingwa, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a right back. An attacking fullback, his pace and ability to get up and down the...  more
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    Vanessa de Sousa Fernandes GOIH ComM OM (Portuguese pronunciation: [vɐˈnɛsɐ fɨɾˈnɐ̃dɨʃ]; born 14 September 1985) is a Portuguese athlete who is a former triathlon European and world champion, and an...  more
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    Jéssica de Barros Augusto, ComM (born 8 November 1981) is a Portuguese runner who competes in cross country, road running and in middle-distance and long-distance track events. At club level, she...  more
  • 14
    Daniel "Danny" Silva (born 1973 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey) is an American-born Portuguese cross-country skier who has competed since 2004. Competing in two Winter Olympics, he earned his best finish...  more
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    Francisco Santos may refer to: Francisco Dos Santos (born 1974), Brazilian footballer Francisco Santos (swimmer) (born 1962), Angolan/Portuguese swimmer, artist and writer, also known as...  more
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    Raul Meireles

    Portugal national football team
    Raul José Trindade Meireles (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁɐˈuɫ mɐjˈɾɛl(ɨ)ʃ]; born 17 March 1983) is a Portuguese former footballer who played as a midfielder. After starting out at Boavista, he signed...  more
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    José Luís Vidigal

    C.F. Estrela da Amadora
    José Luís da Cruz Vidigal (born 15 March 1973) is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a defensive midfielder. During his extensive professional career, the no-nonsense midfield battler...  more
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    Chelsea F.C.
    Anderson Luís de Souza (born 27 August 1977), known as Deco (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈdɛku]), is a retired professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or central midfielder. Deco...  more
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    Carla Cristina Paquete Sacramento OIH (born 10 December 1971 in São Sebastião da Pedreira) is a middle distance runner from Portugal....  more
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    Eusébio da Silva Ferreira GCIH GCM (European Portuguese: [ewˈzɛβju ðɐ ˈsiɫvɐ fɨˈʁɐjɾɐ]; 25 January 1942 – 5 January 2014) was a Portuguese footballer who played as a striker. Eusébio is considered by...  more
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    Vera Lúcia Montez dos Santos (born 3 December 1981 in Santarém, Lezíria do Tejo) is a Portuguese race walker. She began racing at the senior international level in 2002, taking part in the 2002...  more
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    Luís Carlos Lourenço da Silva (born 5 June 1983 in Luanda, Angola), known as Lourenço, is a former footballer who played as a forward....  more
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    Portugal national football team
    Rolando Jorge Pires da Fonseca (born 31 August 1985), known simply as Rolando, is a Portuguese footballer who last played for French club Olympique de Marseille as a central defender. ...  more
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    Real Madrid
    Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira ComM (born 26 February 1983), known as Pepe (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈpɛpi]; European Portuguese: [-pɨ]), is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a centre...  more
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    Luís Figo

    F.C. Internazionale Milano
    Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo OIH (Portuguese pronunciation: [luˈiʃ ˈfiɣu]; born 4 November 1972) is a retired Portuguese professional footballer who played as a midfielder for Sporting CP,...  more