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Famous Athletes from South Korea

List of famous athletes from South Korea, listed alphabetically with photos when available. South Korea has seen some very talented athletes over the years, many of who have gone on to represent their country in the Olympics. These are some of the best South Korean athletes of all time, so if you're a native of South Korea and are aspiring to compete in sports professionally then these are people you should look up to. If you're searching for a particular popular athlete from South Korea then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

List features Yoo Won-Chul, Li Ki-Joo and more athletes.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest South Korean athletes?" and "Which athletes are from South Korea?"

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    Charlie Wi (born 3 January 1972) is a South Korean professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He has also previously played on both the European and Asian Tours. Wi was born in Seoul, and moved  ...more
  • 2
    Im Dong-Hyun (Korean: 임동현; Hanja: 林東賢; Korean pronunciation: [im.doŋ.ɦjʌn]; born 12 May 1986) is a South Korean archer. He competes for the South Korean national team and is a former world number  ...more
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    Cleveland Indians
    Shin-Soo Choo (Hangul: 추신수; Hanja: 秋信守; Korean pronunciation: [tɕʰu.ɕin.su]; born July 13, 1982) is a South Korean professional baseball outfielder for the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball  ...more
  • 4
    Yuna Kim (born September 5, 1990), also credited in eastern name order as Kim Yuna or Kim Yeon-ah, is a South Korean former competitive figure skater. She is the 2010 Olympic champion and 2014  ...more
  • 5
    Lee Sang-hwa (Korean: 이상화, Hanja: 李相花, Korean pronunciation: [i.saŋ.ɦwa]; born 25 February 1989) is a South Korean retired speed skater who specialises in the sprint distances. She is a two-time  ...more
  • 6
    Lee Hyo-jung (Hangul: 이효정, Hanja: 李孝貞; Korean pronunciation: [i.ɦjo.dʑʌŋ]; born January 13, 1981 in Busan) is a badminton player from South Korea. She won the gold medal in badminton mixed doubles at  ...more
  • 7
    Jin Sun-Yu (Hangul: 진선유, Hanja: 陳善有, born December 17, 1988 in Daegu, South Korea) is a South Korean short-track speed skater. She is a triple Olympic Champion from 2006 and a three-time Overall  ...more
  • 8
    Jeon Da-hye (Korean: 전다혜; Hanja: 全多慧; born November 23, 1983 in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do) is a South Korean short track speed skater who won gold in the women's 3000 metre relay at the 2006 Winter  ...more
  • 9
    Jang Mi-ran (Korean pronunciation: [tɕɐŋ.mi.ɾɐn]; born October 9, 1983) is a South Korean Olympic weightlifter. She is currently based in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, competing for the Goyang City Government  ...more
  • 10
    Kim Kyungah (Korean pronunciation: [kim.ɡjʌŋ.a]; born May 25, 1977 in Daejeon, South Korea) is a South Korean table tennis player. She was the bronze medalist in women's singles at 2004 Athens  ...more
  • 11
    Nam Hyun-Hee (Korean: 남현희; Hanja: 南賢喜; Korean pronunciation: [nam.ɦjʌn.ɦi] or [nam] [hjʌn.ɦi]; born 29 September 1981) is a South Korean foil fencer. She is left-handed. She won the silver medal at  ...more
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    PSV Eindhoven
    Park Ji-sung (Korean: 박지성; Hanja: 朴智星; Korean pronunciation: [pak̚.t͈ɕi.sʌŋ]; born 25 February 1981) is a South Korean former professional footballer who played as a midfielder, and who currently  ...more
  • 13
    Choi Eun-kyung (Hangul: 최은경, Hanja: 崔恩景, born December 26, 1984) is a South Korean short track speed skater. She is a double Olympic Champion in relays and a two-time Overall World Champion for 2003  ...more
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    Park Tae-hwan

    Park Tae-hwan (Korean: 박태환; Hanja: 朴泰桓, Korean pronunciation: [pak̚.tʰɛ̝.ɦwan]; born September 27, 1989) is a South Korean competitive swimmer who is an Olympic gold medalist and world champion. He  ...more
  • 15
    Vissel Kobe
    Park Kang-Jo (born 24 January 1980) is a former Japanese-born South Korean footballer He played as midfielder and spent 10 years of his professional career with Japanese J1 League club Vissel Kobe  ...more
  • 16
    Lee Sung-Jin (Korean: 이성진; Hanja: 李成震 ; born March 7, 1985) is an archer from South Korea. In 2005, she became the World Champion and achieved the world number one ranking. She has won two Olympic  ...more
  • 17
    Lee Ho-suk (Korean: 이호석, Hanja: 李昊錫, Korean pronunciation: [i.ɦo.sʌk̚]; born June 25, 1986) is a South Korean short track speedskater. He won a gold medal as a part of 5000 m short-track relay team  ...more
  • 18
    Jin Jong-oh (진종오; Korean pronunciation: [tɕin.dʑoŋ.o]; born 24 September 1979) is a South Korean sports shooter who competed at the 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics. The only individual  ...more
  • 19
    Bang Soo-Hyun (Hangul: 방수현, Hanja: 方銖賢, born September 13, 1972 in Seoul) is a former badminton player from South Korea who was one of the world's leading women's singles players of the 1990s. She  ...more
  • 20
    Park Sung-hyun (Korean: 박성현; Hanja: 朴成賢; born January 1, 1983) is a world champion and former world No. 1 archer from South Korea. She had held the women's world record for a 70m 72-arrow round, set  ...more
  • 21
    Kim Mi-jung may refer to: Kim Mi-jung (judoka, born 1971), South Korean judoka Kim Mi-jung (judoka, born 1978), South Korean judoka Kim Mi-jung (fencer) (born 1977), South Korean fencer Kim Mi-jung  ...more
  • 22
    Moon Eui-Jae (Hangul: 문의제, Hanja: 文儀濟; born February 10, 1975) is a retired South Korean wrestler who won two Olympic silver medals in freestyle wrestling, Men's Freestyle 76 kg at the 2000 Summer  ...more
  • 23
    Lee Kyung-won (Hangul: 이경원, Hanja: 李敬元; Korean pronunciation: [i.ɡjʌŋ.wʌn]; born 21 January 1980 in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do) is a badminton player from South Korea. Lee was the women's doubles gold  ...more
  • 24
    Korea Republic national under-23 football team
    Park Chu-young (Korean: 박주영; Hanja: 朴主永; Korean pronunciation: [pak̚.t͈ɕu.jʌŋ]; also romanised as Park Ju-young; born 10 July 1985) is a South Korean footballer who plays as a forward for FC Seoul.  ...more
  • 25
    Byun Chun-sa (Hangul: 변천사; born November 23, 1987 in Seoul) is a South Korean short track speed skater who won gold in the 3000m relay at the 2006 Winter Olympics.  ...more