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List of the most popular authors from Angola, listed alphabetically with photos when available. For centuries authors have been among the world's most important people, helping chronicle history and keep us entertained with one of the earliest forms of storytelling. Whether they're known for fiction, non-fiction, poetry or even technical writing, the famous Angolan authors on this list have kept that tradition alive by writing renowned works that have been praised around the world. You can find useful information below about these notable Angolan writers, such as when they were born and where their place of birth was.

List includes Óscar Ribas, Francisco Santos and more.

This list answers the questions, "Which famous authors are from Angola?" and "Who are the best Angolan authors?"

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Francisco José Ribeiro Lopes dos Santos, known mainly as Francisco Santos is an Angolan/Portuguese multi-talent artist with many names and faces. As Francisco Lopes Santos he is likely to be known as a swimmer. Art enthusiasts may know him as the visual artist Xesko, lovers of poetry as Elias Karipande, fantasy and science fiction fans as Alan J. Banta. As a writer, published in English and Portuguese. As a sportsman represented Angola in swimming at the 1980 Summer Olympics. He also represented his country in other international games, including the Algiers 1978 All-Africa Games, the Moscow 1979 Seventh USSR Summer Spartakiade and the Mexico 1979 Summer Universiade. ...more

Birthplace: Luanda

Birthdate: 1962-05-17

Nationality: Portugal, Angola

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José Luandino Vieira is an Angolan writer of short fiction and novels. Vieira was born in Lagoa de Furadouro, Ourém, Portugal and was Portuguese by birth and ethnicity, but his parents immigrated to Angola in 1938 and he grew up immersed in the African quarters of Luanda. He wrote in the language unique to the musseque, a fusion of Kimbundu and Portuguese. He left school at the age of fifteen and worked as a mechanic. He was devoted to Angolan independence, resulting in his arrest in 1961 after an interview with the BBC in which he disclosed secret lists of deserters from the Portuguese army fighting in Africa. He would remain in jail for eleven years. Vieira's works often followed the ...more

Works Written: Luuanda, The loves of João Vêncio, The real life of Domingos Xavier

Birthdate: 1935-05-04

Nationality: Portugal, Angola

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Agostinho Neto is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Famous Authors from Angola
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António Agostinho Neto served as the first President of Angola, after having led the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola in the war for independence. Until his death, he led the MPLA in the civil war. Known also for his literary activities, he is considered Angola's preeminent poet. His birthday is celebrated as National Heroes Day, a public holiday in Angola. ...more

Works Written: Sacred hope, On literature and national culture

Birthplace: Ícolo e Bengo, Angola

Birthdate: 1922-09-17

Nationality: Angola

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Artur Carlos Maurício Pestana dos Santos is a major Angolan writer of fiction. He writes under the name Pepetela. A white Angolan, Pepetela was born in Benguela, Portuguese Angola, and fought as a member of the MPLA in the long guerrilla war for Angola's independence. Much of his writing deals with Angola's political history in the 20th century. Mayombe, for example, is a novel that portrays the lives of a group of MPLA guerrillas who are involved in the anti-colonial struggle in Cabinda, Yaka follows the lives of members of a white settler family in the coastal town of Benguela, and A Geração da Utopia reveals the disillusionment of young Angolans during the post-independence period. ...more

Works Written: cão e os caluandas, A geração da Utopia, A revolta da casa dos ídolos, aventuras de Ngunga, desejo de Kianda, + more

Birthplace: Benguela, Angola

Birthdate: 1941-10-19

Nationality: Angola