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Famous People You Didn't Know Practiced Baha'i Faith

Updated April 13, 2018 26.2k views15 items

While the faith is not as well known as more widely practiced religions, there are many notable Baha'i celebrities, actors, thinkers, and artists. The religion teaches a sense of unity and acknowledges that all historic religious beliefs move towards the same goal. Therefore, it attracts people from all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures. Singers, actors, actresses, and even historic figures have been known to practice the faith! 

Some famous Baha'i were actually raised since childhood in the faith, and it's had a large effect on their work. Rainn Wilson, for example, credits a lot of his comedic sensibilities to his Baha'i upbringing. Other celebrities converted to the faith later in life, often after some soul searching. Famed jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, for instance, converted when he found the religion fit his personal belief systems. To learn about more Baha'i celebs, browse the list below.