The Best NBA Players From Puerto Rico

Who is the best NBA player from Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico has produced some very talented basketball players in recent years, including some of the best players in the NBA. Many of the best Puerto Rican basketball players to ever live are on this list, so if you're a native of Puerto Rico and are aspiring to play ball professionally then these people should be your idols. So, who is the best Puerto Rican basketball player of all time? Which great basketball players are from Puerto Rico?

Many people acknowledge NBA Champion José Juan Barea as one of the best NBA players ever out of Puerto Rico. There are also recent NBA stars from Puerto Rico like Mo Harkless, Carlos Arroyo, Shabazz Napier, and Renaldo Balkman. 

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  • NBA Seasons: 14

  • Carlos Arroyo
    Photo: ESPN

    NBA Seasons: 9

  • José Ortiz
    Photo: user uploaded image

    NBA Seasons: 2

  • Alfred Lee
    Photo: user uploaded image

    NBA Seasons: 2