Famous Bauhaus Alumni

List RulesPeople on this list must have gone to Bauhaus and be of some renown.

List of famous alumni from Bauhaus, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from Bauhaus include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished Bauhaus alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended Bauhaus are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from Bauhaus.

List ranges from Marcel Breuer to Max Bill and more.

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to Bauhaus?” and “Which celebrities are Bauhaus alumni?”
  • 1
    Industrial designer

    AgeDec. at 90 (1900-1990)

    BirthplaceBremen, Germany

    Wilhelm Wagenfeld (15 April 1900, Bremen, Germany — 28 May 1990, Stuttgart, Germany) was an important German industrial designer and former student of the Bauhaus art school. He designed glass and  ...more
  • 2
    Graphic Designer, Architect

    AgeDec. at 85 (1900-1985)

    BirthplaceHaag am Hausruck, Austria

    Herbert Bayer was an Austrian and American graphic designer, painter, photographer, sculptor, art director, environmental and interior designer, and architect, who was widely recognized as the last  ...more
  • 3

    AgeDec. at 88 (1888-1976)

    BirthplaceBottrop, Germany

    Josef Albers (; German: [ˈalbɐs]; March 19, 1888 – March 25, 1976) was a German-born American artist and educator whose work, both in Europe and in the United States, formed the basis of modern art  ...more
  • 4

    AgeDec. at 79 (1902-1981)

    BirthplacePécs, Hungary

    Marcel Lajos Breuer, was a Hungarian-born modernist, architect and furniture designer. One of the masters of Modernism, Breuer extended the sculptural vocabulary he had developed in the carpentry  ...more
  • 5
    Anni Albers (born Annelise Elsa Frieda Fleischmann; June 12, 1899 – May 9, 1994) was a German-born American textile artist and printmaker credited with blurring the lines between traditional craft  ...more
  • 6

    AgeDec. at 86 (1897-1983)

    BirthplaceMunich, Germany

    Gunta Stölzl (5 March 1897 – 22 April 1983) was a German textile artist who played a fundamental role in the development of the Bauhaus school's weaving workshop. As the Bauhaus' only female master  ...more
  • 7

    AgeDec. at 84 (1913-1997)

    BirthplaceChicago, Illinois

    Bertrand Goldberg was an American architect best known for the Marina City complex in Chicago, Illinois, the tallest residential concrete building in the world at the time of completion.  ...more
  • 8

    Margret Rey


    AgeDec. at 90 (1906-1996)

    BirthplaceHamburg, Germany

    Margret Elizabeth Rey (May 16, 1906 – December 21, 1996) was a German-born American writer and illustrator, known best for the Curious George series of children's picture books that she and her  ...more
  • 9

    AgeDec. at 89 (1893-1983)

    BirthplaceChemnitz, Germany

    Marianne Brandt (1 October 1893 – 18 June 1983), German painter, sculptor, photographer and designer who studied at the Bauhaus art school in Weimar and later became head of the Bauhaus  ...more
  • 10
    Architect, Artist

    AgeDec. at 85 (1908-1994)

    BirthplaceWinterthur, Switzerland

    Max Bill was a Swiss architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer and graphic designer.  ...more
  • 11

    AgeDec. at 87 (1898-1985)

    BirthplaceFrankfurt, Germany

    Ferdinand Kramer was an important German architect and functionalist designer.  ...more
  • 12
    Mordecai Ardon (Hebrew: מרדכי ארדון‎, July 13, 1896 – June 18, 1992) was an Israeli painter.  ...more
  • 13
    Stefan Wolpe (August 25, 1902 – April 4, 1972) was a German-born composer.  ...more
  • 14

    Naum Slutzky

    Naum Slutzky (28 February 1894 in Kiev, Russian Empire (now Ukraine) – 4 November 1965 in Stevenage, England) was a goldsmith, industrial designer and master craftsman of the Bauhaus. In the art  ...more
  • 15

    Arieh Sharon


    AgeDec. at 84 (1900-1984)

    BirthplaceJarosław, Poland

    Arieh Sharon was an Israeli architect and winner of the Israel Prize for Architecture in 1962. Sharon was a critical contributor to the early architecture in Israel and the leader of the first master  ...more
  • 16

    AgeDec. at 76 (1907-1984)

    Franz Ehrlich was a German architect. Franz Ehrlich was a student at the Bauhaus in Dessau from 1927 to 1930. Erlich was a Communist and was arrested and imprisoned by the Nazi regime in 1935. He was  ...more
  • 17

    Richard Oelze

    Richard Oelze (June 29, 1900 – November 26, 1980) was a German painter. He is classified as a surrealist.  ...more
  • 18

    AgeDec. at 46 (1898-1944)

    BirthplaceVienna, Austria

    Frederika "Friedl" Dicker-Brandeis (30 July 1898 Vienna – 9 October 1944 Auschwitz-Birkenau), was an Austrian artist and educator murdered by the Nazis in the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp.  ...more
  • 19

    Werner Drewes

    Werner Drewes (1899–1985) was a painter, printmaker, and art teacher. Considered to be one of the founding fathers of American abstraction, he was one of the first artists to introduce concepts of  ...more
  • 20

    Frans Wildenhain

    Frans Wildenhain (or Franz Rudolf Wildenhain) (June 5, 1905 – January 25, 1980) was a Bauhaus-trained German potter and sculptor, who taught for many years at the School for American Craftsmen (now  ...more
  • 21

    Roelof Paul Citroen

    Arts Educator, Artist

    AgeDec. at 86 (1896-1983)

    BirthplaceBerlin, Germany

    Roelof Paul Citroen (15 December 1896 – 13 March 1983) was a German-born Dutch artist, art educator and co-founder of the New Art Academy in Amsterdam. Among his best-known works are the  ...more
  • 22

    Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack

    Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack (born Frankfurt-am-Main 11 July 1893, died Allambie Heights, in Sydney 7 January 1965) was a German/Australian artist. His formative education was 1912–1914 at Debschitz art  ...more
  • 23

    Yamawaki Iwao



    Iwao Yamawaki (山脇 巌, Yamawaki Iwao, 29 April 1898–8 March 1987), born Iwao Fujita in Nagasaki, was a Japanese photographer and architect who trained at the Bauhaus.  ...more
  • 24

    Stella Steyn

    Stella Steyn (26 December 1907 – 21 July 1987) was an Irish artist. She was born in Dublin in 1907 to dentist William Steyn and Bertha Jaffe, who met and married in Limerick, having moved to Ireland  ...more
  • 25

    Grete Stern


    AgeDec. at 95 (1904-1999)

    BirthplaceElberfeld, Germany

    Grete Stern (9 May 1904 – 24 December 1999) was a German-Argentine photographer. Like her husband Horacio Coppola, she helped modernize the visual arts in Argentina, and presented the first  ...more