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Famous Bisexual Athletes

List RulesA comprehensive list of male and female bisexual professional athletes.

Bisexual professional athletes inspire sports fans, both with their impressive physical performances and advocacy for LGBT causes. Some athletes who are bisexual are open about their relationships with men and women while other bisexual athletes never spoke about their same sex affairs. Many of the most famous bisexual athletes, whether male or female, were sex symbols for men and women alike.

Who will you find on this list of notable bisexual athletes? Openly bisexual Dutch Olympian Ireen Wüst said that she received special congratulations from Russian President Vladimir Putin after she won gold in Sochi. "He congratulated me and asked if everything was OK in Russia and I congratulated him on Olga Graf, of course, for her third place,” she said. “He was happy to see me, but then he had to leave again. But I cuddled him.”

Basketball player Sheryl Swoopes came out as a lesbian in 2005, and became engaged to a man in 2011. Other famous bisexual athletes include handball player Mia Hundvin, football star Jerry Smith, and boxer Emile Griffith.

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