8 Famous Boy/Girl Twin Duos

Several celebrities are part of a male/female twinning duo, which only happens in one out of every 90 pregnancies. 40% of all twins born are boy/girl fraternal twins. One out of every 50 Americans have a twin brother or sister, and these famous people with twins are no exception. It is also estimated that 40% of twins develop their own language when they are young, usually before they learn to speak in their native tongue. Some of these famous twins are in show business together. Other twin duos feature one twin more in the spotlight than the other.  

Who's the most famous boy/girl fraternal twin set on our list? Scarlett and Hunter Johansson top our list. Many people know Scarlett Johansson from her roles in The Avengers series, but did you know that her twin brother, Hunter, worked on President Obama's campaign in 2008? Another famous twinning duo is Alanis and Wade Morisette. Alanis is best known for her 1995 hit album, Jagged Little Pill, while her brother is a talented yogi.  

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