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Famous YouTubers Who Are Cancers

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On this list you’ll see Cancer YouTubers, ranked by popularity. This list of famous Cancer YouTubers - born between June 21 and July 22 - features beauty vloggers, fitness bloggers, singers, comedians, and gamers. YouTube zodiac signs can give you an idea of the stars’s personalities. Persistent determination is one of the greatest strengths of a Cancer. They are also very nurturing and quick to help others. They avoid conflict at all costs.

Cancers are extremely intuitive and emotional, with a profound maternal instinct. They can be very introverted, and sometimes that is mistaken as being arrogant or impolite. Lele Pons is an example of a Cancer YouTube star. She is just one of many social media stars who are part of the Cancer horoscope YouTube.

If you’ve ever wondered about YouTubers zodiac signs, look no further. This list features your favorite YouTubers who happen to be Cancers

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