Famous Capricorn Male Celebrities

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Only male celebrities born from December 22 to January 19.

Known for their incredible ambition, it's inevitable that there would be so many famous Capricorn men. To reach the levels of success they have, these actors, rappers, musicians, and other celebrities exemplify the attributes of their star sign, like the patient discipline it takes to rise to the top. This is a list of male celebrities who are Capricorns. These Capricorn actors and Capricorn celebs might surprise you. 

Pairing their strong sense of discipline with caution for anything that might upset their plans, famous Capricorns are ambitious but patient, working hard to achieve their goals, however big their goals may be. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a Capricorn and has earned his success as a composer, lyricist, playwright, rapper, actor, and creator of the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton. Capricorn celebrities may seem stubborn, but it's just their singular focus driving their ambition, and it's hard to argue with the results. The late David Bowie was one of the more famous of the Capricorn celebrities male. 

Browse this list of Capricorn male celebrities to learn more. When you're done, check out the famous Capricorn women who are also born under this star sign. 

Photo: Labyrinth / The Jim Henson Company
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