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Famous Cases of Clairvoyance and Telekinesis

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Psychics have been around for centuries. There's never been any conclusive proof that their abilities are real, which means that it's up to you to decide - do you believe in their powers or not? This list contains several famous cases of clairvoyance and telekinesis. While some have been debunked, others have not.

Could these situations simply be startling coincidences? Do you think a mystery or a crime can really be solved by a psychic? Take a look at these psychic cases and tell us in the comments if these stories changed your mind about clairvoyance or just further cemented what you always believed.

  • Police Arrest Psychic for Her Services

    In 1980, a nurse named Melanie Uribe disappeared in the Los Angeles area. A psychic named Etta Louise Smith managed to find Uribe's body after having a vision. The police, doubting that Smith was actually psychic, arrested her for Uribe's murder. Three men with no connection to Smith were eventually convicted of Uribe's murder, and Smith won a false arrest lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department.

  • Australian Clairvoyant Helps Police Identify a Killer

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    Clairvoyant Debbie Malone was a huge help in the investigation of the 2003 murder of Maria Scott in Australia. Without seeing any photos of the crime scene, Malone was able to describe exactly what Maria was wearing, where her body was found and how it was positioned. Malone also said that she felt Scott's attacker walk through her, which she had only experienced ghosts do. The police had not told Malone that the primary suspect in the murder had committed suicide.

  • Princeton Lab Claims Telekinesis Is Real

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    Robert G. Jahn, a former dean of Princeton University, founded a laboratory dedicated entirely to psychokinetic research in 1979. For 28 years, the lab researchers conducted experiments which involved asking students to control which random numbers flashed on an electric box. They generally found that participants could alter 2 or 3 out of 10,000 outcomes using their minds. The lab was closed in 1997. The scientific community is divided over the veracity of the lab's findings.

  • Psychic Pinpoints Buried Body of Missing Girl

    Ashley Howley went missing in 2005 near Columbus, OH. Kristy Robinett claims to have been awakened by the dead woman's ghost. Howley's ghost showed Robinett images of where her body was buried. Authorities wouldn't dig based solely on Robinett's word because the site was on private property. When the killer was eventually arrested and revealed the location of the body, it turned out to be the very spot that Robinett claimed it was.