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The Most Memorable Catch Phrases from Action Movies

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Everyone knows that the best part of an action movie is the one-liner. You know, the famous catch phrase that the hero utters before or after his big scene? That is unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you get about ten memorable quotes per film. As any action adventure movie fan knows, not all one liners are created equal. For every “say hello to my little friend” you’ve got an eye rolling “stick around.” That’s why we’ve put together this list of famous catch phrases from action films, so you can vote on which is the best, and which bad one liner needs to get off our plane.

The one thing that every action movie worth it’s salt has to have is an acerbic one-liner (and action we suppose). If you have to sit through a 90 minute feature film full of exploding helicopters and you don’t get to hear your oiled up hero say something like, “thar she blows,” or, “he should’ve took the train” then you’ve wasted an hour and a half. You’ll immediately recognize the famous movie quotes on this list, because even if you haven’t seen the film that the catch phrase is from, you’ve probably heard it repeated by your little brother or your very cool friends who just like to bro out and watch dudes blow stuff up.

Vote for which famous movie one liner deserves to sit atop catch phrase mountain, and which bad one liner we should do our best to forget. We’ve all got our favorites, so what’s yours?