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Which famous cat would you want as a pet? It seems like every few months, a new cat takes the World Wide Web by storm. First, he pops up on reddit. Next, he stars in a video on Cute Overload or Buzzfeed, and soon, he's got thousands of followers on Instagram. Before you know it, someone's pet is leading a panel at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival. Then there's the merchandising! Merchandising! where the real money is made. I mean, I have a Grumpy Cat snow globe on my desk right now... Between the minor celebrity and the extra cash flowing in, which of these kitties do you want for your own? Consider their interests, assets, and faults to decide which fits best in your life.
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Photo: via Twitter

You know who loves boxes? Maru the Cat. Made Youtube famous by his owner, mugumogu, Maru is a Scottish Fold who lives in Japan and spends most of his time trying to squeeze his sizable girth into small spaces. Cardboard boxes are his favorites, but he also loves a sink, the space under a sofa, a cabinet, and any other sizes of cardboard boxes. Seriously, big boxes, small boxes, you name it. Just get this guy a box.

Why you want him as a pet: As far as the Internet can tell, Maru is entertaining 100% of the day. His dozens and dozens videos average 800,000 views each.

Why you might not: Can you imagine packing to move with this guy around? He sits in the box, and then you feel too bad to make him get out - not that you could lift him if you tried. He's gotta be at least 100 lbs. 
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Grumpy Cat

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Photo: via Wikimedia

Who could resist cuddling such a tiny little ball of misery? Tardar Sauce (AKA "Tard," AKA The World's Grumpiest Cat) has an adorable strain of feline dwarfism and Snowshoe-like markings. She has short, stumpy legs and a petite body that wobbles when she runs. Though her face is in an eternal frown, Tard is a normal kitty who just wants to play and be loved.

Why you want her as a pet: Every pic you post to the Grumpy Cat Instagram will raise your Klout score like 1,000 points. Tard is super docile and will pose for days.

Why you don't: You will never be sure if she is enjoying her appearance on "Today" and "Good Morning America." Maybe you are torturing her.
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Lil Bub

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Photo: via Wikimedia

She's every cat person's dream: the elusive perma-kitten. Lil Bub was the runt of her litter, born with an extreme case of dwarfism that has kept her legs short while her body has grown in length. She has a major overbite and no lower teeth, so her little pink tongue is always poking out like that one emoticon. Lil Bub has huge polydactyl paws and big ol' bug-eyes, and she's always calm, even with cameras in her face all day.

Why you want her as a pet: Her compact size and easygoing demeanor make her exceptionally portable for a cat. You can even take her to the beach!

Why you might not: She's so ridiculously cute and tiny, you might go overboard with the social media and put a strain on your real-life relationships.
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Photo: via Pinterest

A living, breathing stuffed animal. An exotic shorthair from China, Snoopybabe looks like a cartoon brought to life, with a fat pillow for a face, enormous eyeballs, and a striped bushy tail. His owner (yes, his) regularly posts photos of Snoopybabe dolled up in hats, clothes, and jewelry - some of the most disturbingly cute cat photos on the whole Internet.

Why you want him as a pet: A chance to finally create your own real-life E.T. moment.

Why you might not: May confuse him with another stuffed animal and accidentally toss him across your room. Plus those eyes never seem to shut. o_0
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