This Artists Draws All Of Your Favorite Characters As Tim Burton Characters, And It's Super Spooky

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One artist dared to ask: what if your favorite characters were in Tim Burton movies? To answer this question, artist Andrew Tarusov re-imagined some pop culture icons in the art style of famous director, Tim Burton. Using Burton's distinctive style from his animated films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and The Corpse Bride, artist Tarusov captures the creepy core of the style in re-imaginings of characters such as Pinocchio, the Night King, and the Incredible Hulk. Like clever movie poster mashups, Tarusov's Tim Burton artwork is full of pop culture mashups that look like prime entertainment. Imagine if you will, The Dark Knightmare Before Christmas, and how much more fun that sounds than a Lego Batman Movie.

Although he typically specializes in pin-up portrayals, Tarusov creates various collections of Tim Burton-style fan art; Game of Thrones characters, Disney princesses, and classic superheroes all get the Burton-style treatment thanks to Tarusov. Check out the list below for a compilation from the three collections. Don't forget to vote up your favorite fan art of characters in Tim Burton style!

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY