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27 Famous Christian Scientists

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List RulesCelebrities raised as Christian Scientists or who have practiced Christian Science.

This is a list of famous Christian Scientists, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Christian Science is a set of beliefs that was founded in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy. Christian Scientists follow the word of the Bible and they treat people who are sick with prayer rather than medical care. They have an estimated worldwide membership of between 100,000 and 400,000 people.

Who is the most famous Christian Scientist? Marilyn Monroe tops our list. The Some Like it Hot actress's mother was a Christian Scientist, and she was raised in the faith. She did not continue to practice as an adult. Ellen DeGeneres was also raised in the faith. She has said that she felt left out because she wasn't vaccinated as a child.

The Doors star Val Kilmer has practiced Christian Science throughout his life. In 2013, Kilmer went to Washington to lobby for the Equitable Access to Care and Health Act, which would allow for religious exemptions to the Affordable Care Act. Other famous actors who have practiced Christian Science at some time in their lives include Robin Williams, Kelsey Grammer, and Henry Fonda.

Scroll on below to see if your favorite celebrity a member of the faith.

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    Marilyn Monroe's mother was a Christian Scientist, and Norma Jeane was raised in the faith.


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      Ellen DeGeneres was raised in a household that followed the beliefs of Christian Science.  She was not vaccinated as a child.


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        Robin Williams's mother was a Christian Scientist, though he attended an Episcopal church. 


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        • Elizabeth Taylor was raised as a Christian Scientist, but she converted to Judaism as an adult.


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