Famous Coaches from the Netherlands

List of notable or famous coaches from the Netherlands, with bios and photos, including the top coaches born in the Netherlands and even some popular coaches who immigrated to the Netherlands. If you're trying to find out the names of famous Dutch coaches then this list is the perfect resource for you. These coaches are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known coach from the Netherlands is included when available.

List is made up of many different people, including Johan Cruijff and Marco van Basten.

This historic coaches from the Netherlands list can help answer the questions "Who are some Dutch coaches of note?" and "Who are the most famous coaches from the Netherlands?" These prominent coaches of the Netherlands may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected Dutch coaches.

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  • 1
    Age: 74

    BirthplaceThe Hague, Netherlands

    Adriaan "Aad" de Mos (born 27 March 1947) is a Dutch football coach. De Mos has coached teams in his home country, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Greece, as well managing the United  ...more
  • 2

    Adrie Koster

    Age: 67

    BirthplaceZierikzee, Netherlands

    Adrianus Cornelis “Adrie” Koster (Dutch pronunciation: [ɑdriˈjaːnɵs kɔrˈneːlɪs ˈɑdri ˈkɔstər]; born 18 November 1954 in Zierikzee, Zeeland) is a Dutch football manager who is currently the manager of  ...more
  • 3
    Age: 73

    BirthplaceFinsterwolde, Netherlands

    Arend "Arie" Haan (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌaːrɛnt / ˈaːri) ˈɦaːn]; born 16 November 1948) is a Dutch football manager and former player who played as a midfielder. He scored 6 goals in 35 matches for  ...more
  • 4

    Arno Pijpers

    Age: 62

    BirthplaceRotterdam, Netherlands

    Arnoldus Dick Pijpers (born 21 April 1959) is a Dutch football manager, who is the manager of Estonian top tier club Flora.He worked for the Royal Dutch Football Association as a youth coach, before  ...more
  • 5

    BirthplaceParamaribo, Suriname

    Aron Mohamed Winter (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈaːrɔn ˈʋɪntər]; born 1 March 1967) is a retired Dutch football midfielder and current head coach of the Ajax Under-19 squad. He has played for Ajax and  ...more
  • 6
    Age: 56

    BirthplaceTilburg, Netherlands

    Sebastian "Bas" Rutten (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbɑs ˈrɵtə(n)]; born 24 February 1965) is a Dutch actor and retired mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and professional wrestler. He was a UFC Heavyweight  ...more

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  • 7

    BirthplaceDeventer, Netherlands

    Lambertus "Bert" van Marwijk (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbɛrt fɑˈmɑrʋɛi̯k]; born 19 May 1952) is a Dutch football manager who is currently managing UAE national team. As a footballer, he played for the  ...more
  • 8

    Clemens Westerhof

    Age: 81

    BirthplaceBeek, Montferland, Netherlands

    Clemens Westerhof (born 3 May 1940 in Beek, Montferland, Gelderland) is a Dutch football manager, who has worked in various football positions on the African continent since 1989. He is most noted  ...more
  • 9

    Co Adriaanse

    Age: 74

    BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

    Jacobus "Co" Adriaanse (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈkoː ˈaːdriˌjaːnsə], born 21 July 1947) is a Dutch football manager and former footballer.  ...more
  • 10

    BirthplaceOost-Souburg, Netherlands

    Dirk Franciscus "Danny" Blind (Dutch pronunciation: [dɪrk frɑnˈsɪskəz ˈdɛni blɪnt]; born 1 August 1961) is a former Dutch international football player. He played as a defender for Sparta Rotterdam,  ...more
  • 11

    Dennis van Wijk

    Age: 58

    BirthplaceOostzaan, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Dennis Johannes van Wijk (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈdɛnɪʃoːˈɦɑnəs fɑn ˈʋɛik]; born 16 December 1962 in Oostzaan, North Holland) is a Dutch football coach and former football player. He is currently  ...more
  • 12

    BirthplaceThe Hague, Netherlands

    Dirk Nicolaas Advocaat (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈdɪk ˌɑtfoːˈkaːt] (listen); born 27 September 1947) is a Dutch former football player and currently the manager of FC Utrecht.Advocaat was successful as  ...more
  • 13

    BirthplaceBloemendaal, Netherlands

    Diederik Rudolf Simon (born 10 April 1970 in Bloemendaal, North Holland) is a rower from the Netherlands, who competed for his native country in five consecutive Summer Olympics. After winning the  ...more
  • 14

    BirthplaceTurner Valley, Canada

    Dwight Lodeweges (born 26 October 1957) is a Dutch-Canadian soccer coach and former professional player.  ...more
  • 15

    Edward Sturing

    Age: 58

    BirthplaceApeldoorn, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Edward Jeroen Sturing (born 13 June 1963 in Apeldoorn, Gelderland) is a Dutch football manager and former player. He played as a defender and earned three caps for the Netherlands national football  ...more
  • 16

    Ernie Brandts

    Age: 65

    BirthplaceNieuw-Dijk, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Ernstus "Ernie" Wilhelmus Johannes Brandts (born 3 February 1956 in Nieuw-Dijk, Gelderland) is a Dutch football manager and former player.  ...more
  • 17

    Erwin Koeman

    Age: 60

    BirthplaceZaandam, Netherlands

    Erwin Koeman (born 20 September 1961) is a Dutch retired professional football player and football manager who is the current head coach of Oman.  ...more
  • 18
    Age: 59

    BirthplaceLeeuwarden, Netherlands

    Foeke Booy (born 25 April 1962 in Leeuwarden) is a Dutch retired footballer and football manager.   ...more
  • 19

    BirthplaceLippenhuizen, Netherlands

    Foppe Geert de Haan OON (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfɔpə də ˈɦaːn], born 26 June 1943 in Lippenhuizen, Friesland) is a Dutch football coach. He is known for his long association with Frisian club SC  ...more
  • 20

    BirthplaceHoorn, Netherlands

    Franciscus "Frank" de Boer (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfrɑŋg də ˈbuːr]; born 15 May 1970) is a Dutch football manager who is currently the head coach of Atlanta United. A former defender, De Boer spent  ...more

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  • 21

    BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands

    Franklin Edmundo Rijkaard (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfrɑŋk ˈrɛi̯kaːrt] (listen); born 30 September 1962) is a Dutch former footballer and former manager who played as a midfielder or defender. Rijkaard  ...more

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  • 22

    BirthplaceUtrecht, Netherlands

    Frans Adelaar (born 5 December 1960) is a Dutch football manager and former professional player. He most recently was manager of Dutch top amateur side IJsselmeervogels.  ...more
  • 23

    Fred Rutten

    Age: 59

    BirthplaceWijchen, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Fredericus (Fred) Jacobus Rutten (Dutch pronunciation: [freˈdərikʏs ˈfrɛt jɑˈkoubʏs ˈrʏtə(n)]; born 5 December 1962) is a football coach and a former footballer. As a player, Rutten spent his entire  ...more
  • 24

    BirthplaceGroningen, Netherlands

    Gerard Kemkers (born 8 March 1967) is a former speed skater from the Netherlands, who represented his native country at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. There he won the bronze medal in  ...more
  • 25

    Gert Kruys

    Age: 60

    BirthplaceUtrecht, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Gert Kruys (born 8 May 1961 in Utrecht) is a Dutch football manager and former player  ...more