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12 Famous Companies Caught Selling Horse Meat

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Gross horse meat alert! Gross horse meat alert! Legitimate companies are serving horse meat. This is actually happening!

This is a list of famous companies caught selling horse meat for public consumption. While these famous companies that served horse meat to people were not doing so intentionally, it's becoming a growing concern that meat suppliers are mixing in equine and porcine (horse and pig meat) into supposedly all-beef products. The offending items are mostly frozen food products that so far include meatballs, burgers, kebabs, lasagna, pizza, tortelloni, ravioli, empanadas and meat pies, among other items.

In recent days it's come to light that certain companies like Burger King and Ikea have been selling products containing horse meat under the label of a 100% beef product. The horse meat scandal started "innocently" enough with some traces of horse and pig meat found in Irish products purporting to be 100% beef, and quickly ballooned into a full-blown horsemeat scandal involving some of the world's biggest brands.

While the food tainting scandal is currently centered in Europe, there's speculation that some of the horse meat is coming from the United States via Mexico, and that the exported product may be that of retired and injured race horses. To put this in perspective, think of the movie Seabiscuit, a heartwarming tale of a Depression-era racehorse who raised the spirits of an entire nation. Now, imagine that after winning all those races and making a place for himself in the history books, Seabiscuit was then sent to pasture in a field of plump him up for your spaghetti bolognese. You just ate an American hero. That's what's happening in Europe right now.

These are all the famous places that served horse meat to customers, and the list is updated as new stores that sold horse meat to consumers are revealed.
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    Tesco, one of the biggest grocery chains in the UK, was found to be selling hamburger patties that were almost one third horse meat. In Tesco's Everyday Value burgers, horse DNA present suggested horse meat accounted for 29% of the meat content of the burger patties. In the Tesco Everyday Value spaghetti bolognese sauce, DNA tests for horse meat confirmed that the product contained as much as 60% horse meat.

    In addition, the chain also pulled frozen lasagna and spaghetti meals produced by French company Comigel after similar products sold by French market Findus were found to contain horse meat.

    Source: BBC UK

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    ASDA, a UK subsidiary of Wal-Mart, pulled jars of bolognese pasta sauce after the product was revealed to have traces of horse meat present as confirmed by a test looking for horse DNA in beef products.

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    Lidl stores in Finland found traces of horse meat in its Coquette beef goulash meal and Coquette ravioli meals which had initially been pulled from shelves as a precautionary measure.

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    Iceland, who describe themselves as being experts in frozen foods, was discovered to have been selling horsemeat tainted burger patties from the same supplier as Tesco.

    Source: Huffington Post UK