Unspeakable Times

10 Famous Crime Scenes and What They Look Like Today

True crime aficionados know the intrigue of a place where an infamous act has occurred. Whether it's H.H. Holmes's hotel-castle, John Wayne Gacy's crawl space, or Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment of horrors, there's something educational in revisiting notorious scenes. At times, both renovations and razes have allowed families as well as community members to move forward from tragic occurrences. So what do some of these most famous scenes look like today?

Some were razed and abandoned, some were gentrified into million-dollar homes, and others were bought by Hollywood talent, like the creator of Full House. From the Los Angeles condo where Nicole Brown Simpson's high-profile passing took place to the Boulder basement where JonBenét Ramsey lost her life, take a surprising look at what some of these old crime scenes are like now.