Weird History 11 Famous Historical Families With Eerie Curses You Can't Deny  

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Throughout history, there have been stories of curses within certain cultures, such as ancient Egyptian curses, where tragedy and death run rampant. There have even been tales of cursed families that experience an eerie, looming darkness for generations. Strange events and coincidences have been documented within family trees that suggest a greater evil at work. It appears that with fame and money comes the risk of being cursed. 

You can't help but wonder about families who have suffered weird deaths throughout generations, especially when it comes to mysterious political deaths - is there something more sinister at work? There's something that plagues these families, causing an abhorrent amount of suicide, mental illnesses, and death. Come take a look at some cursed families throughout history and discover their bone-chilling misfortunes. 

The Kennedy Family

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The Kennedy family was wrought with heartaches and mysterious deaths for many generations. In the late '40s, Joseph Kennedy Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish both died in plane crashes. Rosemary Kennedy, born in 1941, died in 2005 after years of psychiatric struggles. She received a lobotomy as an attempt to cure her developmental disabilities.

John F. Kennedy was supposed to turn the family’s luck around and things were looking up when he was elected president. However, his presidency ended in tragedy when he was assassinated in 1963. Five years following JFK’s assassination, his younger brother, Robert Kennedy, was murdered in Los Angeles by a lone gunman named Sirhan Sirhan.

Two of Robert Kennedy’s children would die in tragic incidents, one in the '80s of cocaine overdose and one in the '90s in a skiing accident. The curse continued through 1999, when JFK’s son, JFK Jr., died in a plane crash. Onboard with JFK Jr. was his wife and his wife’s sister, who also perished.

The Grimaldi Family

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The Grimaldi family was one of the most powerful names in Genoa. They eventually became the foundation and royal family for Monaco by the end of the 12th century. The Grimaldis were supposedly cursed by a witch in the 13th century. The curse came after Lord Rainier I raped a young woman who later learned the ways of witchcraft. She used her knowledge of the dark arts to make sure that a Grimaldi would never find happiness in marriage.

This curse may have manifested into something far more sinister, considering Princess Grace died in a 1982 car accident. Her daughter, who sustained injuries in the accident, lived on to have a failed marriage and other failed relationships. Stephanie’s older sister, Caroline, also had her fair share of failed marriages and relationships.

The Von Erich Family

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In 1958, Jack Adkisson joined an organization called Klondike Wrestling and, with the help of Stu Hart, created the alter ego Fritz Von Erich. The Von Erich family curse started just a year later in 1959, when Jack's young son died from electrocution in an accident.

Jack had other sons who went on to become successful wrestlers. David was the next to experience great loss in the family when his newborn baby girl died within hours of her birth. David himself died of a heart attack in 1984. Mike sustained a shoulder injury in 1985 and contracted toxic shock syndrome just days after his shoulder surgery. He suffered brain damage as a result and sunk into poor mental health, exacerbated by substance abuse.

In '86, Kerry was in a motorcycle accident that would lead to the eventual amputation of his foot. Mike committed suicide in April of '87. The youngest son, Chris, dealt with many health issues that ultimately became too much for him to bare and he took his own life in 1991. In 1992, Jack and his wife divorced and Kerry shot himself in the heart in '93. In 1997, Jack succumbed to brain and lung cancer. 

The Nepalese Royal Family

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Gorakhnath was a yogi in the 11th century who supposedly had supernatural powers. He was said to have been the protector of Gorkha, which is where King Gyanendra's forefathers came from.

Legend has it that the first king of a unified Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah, once came into contact with the yogi in the forest and offered him some food. The yogi accepted the food, chewed it up, and then spit it out. Gorakhnath told the king to eat it, but the king refused. The food ended up dropping to the ground and, because of this disrespectful action, the yogi concluded that the kingdom would cease to exist after ten generations.

In 2001, Prince Dipendra of the royal family killed his parents and shot seven other people before attempting suicide. Dipendra was crowned king by default while in a coma, but soon died. Dipendra was the tenth generation of royalty and his death marked an eerie manifestation of Gorakhnath's curse