23 Famous Dads Who Only Have Daughters

From watching his baby girl take her first steps to the magic of her wedding day, all dads love their daughters. Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes are fathers who only have daughters. While there's sure to be a few challenges faced in raising girls, these dads wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Who is the most famous dad of only daughters? Barack Obama tops our list. President Barack Obama has two daughters with his wife, Michelle: Malia Ann (born 1998) and Natasha "Sasha" (born 2001). Former President and First Lady, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have one daughter together, Chelsea (born 1980). Former President George W. Bush has two daughters with his wife, former First Lady, Laura: twins Barbara and Jenna (born 1981).

Actor Adam Sandler has two daughters with Jacqueline Samantha Titone: Sadie Madison (born 2006) and Sunny Madeline (born 2008). Matt Damon has three daughters with Luciana Bozán Barroso: Isabella (2006), Gia Zavala (born 2008) and Stella Zavala (born 2010). He is also the step-father of Alexia, from Bozán Barroso's previous relationship. Alex Rodriguez has two daughters with Cynthia Scurtis: Natasha Alexander (born 2004) and Ella Alexander (born 2008).

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