Famous Deaths That Were Never Investigated

Deaths that were never investigated almost always involve mysterious circumstances, multiple theories, a lack of motive, and conspiracies. Many people involved in the entertainment industry died randomly of bizarre causes or took their own lives despite having the world at their feet - and some had a lot of enemies.

While some of these uninvestigated deaths are well-known, others have been confined to the Hollywood history books. There was the two-time Oscar nominee who was shot down during World War II, and whose records are still classified. There was also the actor who made dozens of films and was found dead of a suicide - despite being tied up and drawn all over. Yet another death not investigated was the rock star on the rise who was believed to have killed himself, except he'd been beaten up first.

Here are some deaths whose causes have never satisfactorily been investigated or who had investigations reopened only to find nothing new.

Photo: flickr / CC0