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Famous Descendants of Holocaust Survivors

The Holocaust was one of the biggest tragedies in human history and as the number of living survivors dwindles with the passage of time, descendants of Holocaust survivors strive to keep the memories of their ancestors alive. Unsurprisingly, many children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors work in creative mediums like art and film. As genocides continue to occur worldwide, many of these famous artists are inspired by their ancestor's experiences. Through their works, they strive to tell stories of oppression, hate, and prejudice in hopes of building a better future. 

Some children of Holocaust survivors experienced the horrors firsthand as well, which has had a major impact on their work. Roman Polanski, for example, saw both his parents sent to concentration camps while growing up in Poland, and lived in the Krakow Ghetto before escaping. Polanski's 2002 film The Pianist was inspired in part by the director's memories. While his mother died, Polanski was reunited with his father after the end of World War II. Josh Gad dedicated his performance in Marshall to his grandparents, who endured the Holocaust, and Gal Gadot used the memory of her ancestors to inspire her role as Wonder Woman. 

Even more big names had relatives who survived the Holocaust. Browse the list below to learn more.