The Best Drag Queens Of All Time

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Who are the best famous drag queens, female impersonators, and drag artists? This list ranks them all, with pictures of some of the top drag queens in the world. The top drag queens in the United States hail from NYC, Las Vegas, LA, Chicago, and New Orleans (not surprisingly, these are also some of the most gay friendly cities in the US) with popular drag queens coming from as far as Australia, India, and the UK.

Famous female impersonators are often known for their outlandish, funny drag queen names, and you can't go to Vegas without seeing a drag show. Who are the greatest drag queens? Many well-known drag performers, such as RuPaul, have reached the heights of celebrity through appearances in television and in some of the top LGBT movies of all time. And as you'll see from this list of drag queens, dressing up like a woman is nothing new. Perhaps you're a big fan of blonde drag queens like Alaska or Katya from RuPaul's Drag Race. Or maybe you like famous British drag queens like The Vivienne, Baga Chipz, or Joe Black. 

Who are the best female impersonators ever? This list of famous drag queens will introduce you (or reacquaint you) with some of the top female impersonators ever. Make sure to vote for your favorite drag queen legends below!

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