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Famous Drake University Alumni

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List RulesPeople on this list must have gone to Drake University and be of some renown.

List of famous alumni from Drake University, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from Drake University include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished Drake University alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended Drake University are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from Drake University.

List includes Jeremy Piven, Michael Emerson and more.

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to Drake University?” and “Which celebrities are Drake University alumni?”
  • Jeremy Piven1

    Jeremy Piven

    Television producer, Film Producer


    BirthplaceManhattan, New York City, New York, United States of America

    Jeremy Samuel Piven (born July 26, 1965) is an American actor, comedian, and producer. He is... more on Wikipedia

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  • Steve Allen2

    Steve Allen

    Film Score Composer, Talk show host

    AgeDec. at 79 (1921-2000)

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen (December 26, 1921 – October 30, 2000) was an American... more on Wikipedia

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  • Mark Doty3

    Mark Doty

    Poet, Author


    BirthplaceMaryville, Tennessee

    Mark Doty (born August 10, 1953) is an American poet and memoirist best known for his work My... more on Wikipedia
  • John August4

    John August

    Film Producer, Screenwriter


    BirthplaceBoulder, Colorado

    John August is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and novelist. He is known for... more on Wikipedia
  • Michael Emerson5

    Michael Emerson

    Illustrator, Theatre Director


    BirthplaceCedar Rapids, Iowa, United States of America

    Michael Emerson is an American film and television actor who is best known for his roles as... more on Wikipedia

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  • Ira Levin6

    Ira Levin

    Songwriter, Writer

    AgeDec. at 78 (1929-2007)

    BirthplaceManhattan, New York City, New York

    Ira Marvin Levin (August 27, 1929 – November 12, 2007) was an American novelist, playwright,... more on Wikipedia
  • Brian Wansink7

    Brian Wansink

    Professor, Researcher


    BirthplaceSioux City, Iowa, United States of America

    Brian Wansink is a former American professor and a discredited researcher who worked in... more on Wikipedia
  • 8

    Larry Zox

    Painter, Printmaker

    AgeDec. at 69 (1937-2006)

    BirthplaceDes Moines, Iowa

    Lawrence "Larry" Zox (May 31, 1937 – December 16, 2006) was an American painter and printmaker... more on Wikipedia
  • Joseph Chaikin9

    Joseph Chaikin

    Theatre Director, Actor

    AgeDec. at 68 (1935-2003)

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York

    Joseph Chaikin (September 16, 1935 – June 22, 2003) was an American theatre director, actor,... more on Wikipedia
  • 10

    Ronald Olson

    Anthropologist, Lawyer


    Ronald L. Olson (born July 9, 1941) is an American attorney and a partner in the Los Angeles... more on Wikipedia
  • Chet Culver11

    Chet Culver

    Politician, Teacher


    BirthplaceWashington, D.C., United States of America

    Chester John "Chet" Culver (born January 25, 1966) is an American politician who served as the... more on Wikipedia
  • Bill Bryson12

    Bill Bryson

    Journalist, Science writer


    BirthplaceDes Moines, Iowa

    William McGuire Bryson (; born 8 December 1951) is an American-British author of books on... more on Wikipedia
  • Syleena Johnson13

    Syleena Johnson

    Songwriter, Singer-songwriter


    BirthplaceHarvey, Illinois, United States of America

    Syleena Johnson (born September 2, 1976) is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter,... more on Wikipedia
  • Gregory Frost14

    Gregory Frost

    Novelist, Author


    Gregory Frost (born May 13, 1951) is an American author of science fiction and fantasy, and... more on Wikipedia
  • Sam Wanamaker15

    Sam Wanamaker

    Television director, Theatre Director

    AgeDied at 74 (1919-1993)

    BirthplaceUSA, Chicago, Illinois

    Samuel Wanamaker, (born Wattenmacker; June 14, 1919 – December 18, 1993) was an American... more on Wikipedia
  • Jim Nussle16

    Jim Nussle



    BirthplaceDes Moines, Iowa, United States of America

    James Allen Nussle (born June 27, 1960) is the president and chief executive officer of the... more on Wikipedia
  • Neal Edward Smith17


    BirthplaceHedrick, Iowa, United States of America

    Neal Edward Smith (born March 23, 1920) is a former American politician who was a member of... more on Wikipedia
  • 18

    AgeDec. at 72 (1891-1963)

    BirthplaceSpringfield, Illinois

    Seth Barnes Nicholson (November 12, 1891 – July 2, 1963) was an American astronomer. Nicholson... more on Wikipedia
  • Robert Dana19

    AgeDec. at 81 (1929-2010)

    BirthplaceBoston, Massachusetts

    Robert Dana (June 2, 1929 – February 6, 2010) was an American poet, who taught writing and... more on Wikipedia
  • Zach Johnson20


    BirthplaceIowa City, Iowa

    Not to be confused with golf club professional Zach J. Johnson. Zachary Harris Johnson (born... more on Wikipedia
  • Robert J. Graziano21

    Robert J. Graziano

    Robert Graziano became president and CEO, Ford Motor (China) Ltd. on April 1, 2008.
  • 22


    BirthplaceRapid City, South Dakota

    Mark S. Cady is a justice on the Iowa Supreme Court.
  • Terry Branstad23

    Terry Branstad

    Politician, Lawyer


    BirthplaceLeland, Iowa, United States of America

    Terry Edward Branstad (born November 17, 1946) is an American politician, university... more on Wikipedia
  • Darrell R. Lindsey24

    Darrell R. Lindsey

    Darrell Robins Lindsey (December 30, 1919 – August 9, 1944) was a bomber pilot in the U.S.... more on Wikipedia
  • Susan Glaspell25

    Susan Glaspell

    Poet, Journalist

    AgeDec. at 72 (1876-1948)

    BirthplaceDavenport, Iowa

    Susan Keating Glaspell (July 1, 1876 – July 28, 1948) was an American playwright, novelist,... more on Wikipedia