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Famous ETH Zurich Alumni

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List RulesPeople on this list must have gone to ETH Zurich and be of some renown.

List of famous alumni from ETH Zurich, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from ETH Zurich include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished ETH Zurich alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended ETH Zurich are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from ETH Zurich.

List features graduates like Albert Einstein and Santiago Calatrava.

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to ETH Zurich?” and “Which celebrities are ETH Zurich alumni?”
  • 1

    Albert Einstein

    Mathematician, Physicist

    AgeDec. at 76 (1879-1955)

    BirthplaceUlm, Germany

    Albert Einstein ( EYEN-styne; German: [ˈalbɛɐ̯t ˈʔaɪnʃtaɪn] (listen); 14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two...  more

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  • 2

    Philippe Kahn

    Technologist, Businessperson


    BirthplaceParis, France

    Philippe Kahn (born March 16, 1952) is a mathematician, technology innovator, entrepreneur and founder of four technology companies: Fullpower Technologies, LightSurf Technologies, Starfish Software...  more
  • 3

    Steve Baer

    Mathematician, Inventor


    BirthplaceLos Angeles, California

    Steve Baer is an American inventor and solar and residential designer. Baer has served on the board of directors of the U.S. Section of the International Solar Energy Society, and on the board of the...  more
  • 4

    John von Neumann

    Mathematician, Physicist

    AgeDec. at 53 (1903-1957)

    BirthplaceBudapest, Hungary

    John von Neumann (; Hungarian: Neumann János Lajos, pronounced [ˈnɒjmɒn ˈjaːnoʃ ˈlɒjoʃ]; December 28, 1903 – February 8, 1957) was a Hungarian-American mathematician, physicist, computer scientist,...  more
  • 5

    Wernher von Braun

    Physicist, Scientist

    AgeDec. at 65 (1912-1977)

    BirthplaceWyrzysk, Poland

    Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun (March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977) was a German and later American aerospace engineer and space architect. He was the leading figure in the development of...  more
  • 6

    Felix Bloch

    Physicist, Scientist

    AgeDec. at 77 (1905-1983)

    BirthplaceZürich, Switzerland

    Felix Bloch (23 October 1905 – 10 September 1983) was a Swiss-American physicist and Nobel physics laureate who worked mainly in the U.S. He and Edward Mills Purcell were awarded the 1952 Nobel Prize...  more
  • 7

    Paul Scherrer


    AgeDec. at 79 (1890-1969)

    BirthplaceSt. Gallen, Switzerland

    Paul Hermann Scherrer (3 February 1890 – 25 September 1969) was a Swiss physicist. Born in St.Gallen, Switzerland, he studied at Göttingen, Germany, before becoming a lecturer there. Later, Scherrer...  more
  • 8

    Werner Kuhn

    Professor, Researcher
    Werner Kuhn is a professor of Geographic Information Science at the Institute for Geoinformatics of the University of Muenster, Germany, where he teaches on Geographic Information Science, geospatial...  more
  • 9

    Niklaus Wirth

    Computer scientist, Engineer


    BirthplaceWinterthur, Switzerland

    Niklaus Emil Wirth (born 15 February 1934) is a Swiss computer scientist. He has designed several programming languages, including Pascal, and pioneered several classic topics in software...  more
  • 10

    AgeDec. at 77 (1845-1923)

    BirthplaceRemscheid, Germany

    Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (; German: [ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈʁœntɡən]; 27 March 1845 – 10 February 1923) was a German mechanical engineer and physicist, who, on 8 November 1895, produced and detected electromagnetic...  more

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  • 11

    Maurice Koechlin

    Civil engineer, Structural engineer

    AgeDec. at 89 (1856-1946)

    BirthplaceBuhl, Haut-Rhin

    Maurice Koechlin was a Swiss structural engineer....  more
  • 12

    AgeDec. at 66 (1822-1888)

    BirthplaceKoszalin, Poland

    Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius (German pronunciation: [ˈʁuːdɔlf ˈklaʊ̯zi̯ʊs]; 2 January 1822 – 24 August 1888) was a German physicist and mathematician and is considered one of the central founders...  more
  • 13

    Fritz Haber

    Chemist, Scientist

    AgeDec. at 65 (1868-1934)

    BirthplaceWrocław, Poland

    Fritz Haber (German: [ˈhaːbɐ]; 9 December 1868 – 29 January 1934) was a German chemist who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918 for his invention of the Haber–Bosch process, a method used in...  more
  • 14

    Simon Ammann

    Ski jumper, Athlete


    BirthplaceGrabs, Switzerland

    Simon "Simi" Ammann (; born 25 June 1981) is a Swiss ski jumper. He is one of the most successful athletes in the history of the sport, having won four individual Winter Olympic gold medals, in 2002...  more

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  • 15

    Othmar Ammann

    Civil engineer, Structural engineer

    AgeDec. at 86 (1879-1965)

    BirthplaceSchaffhausen, Switzerland

    Othmar Hermann Ammann was a Swiss-American structural engineer whose designs include the George Washington Bridge, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and Bayonne Bridge. He also directed the planning and...  more
  • 16

    Max Frisch

    Novelist, Architect

    AgeDec. at 79 (1911-1991)

    BirthplaceZürich, Switzerland

    Max Rudolf Frisch was a Swiss playwright and novelist. Frisch's works focused on problems of identity, individuality, responsibility, morality, and political commitment. His use of irony is a...  more
  • 17

    Mileva Marić

    Mathematician, Physicist

    AgeDec. at 72 (1875-1948)

    BirthplaceEurasia, Serbia, Vojvodina, Titel

    Mileva Marić (Serbian Cyrillic: Милева Марић; December 19, 1875 – August 4, 1948), sometimes called Mileva Marić-Einstein or Mileva Marić-Ajnštajn, was a Serbian physicist and the first wife of...  more
  • 18

    Fritz Zwicky


    AgeDec. at 75 (1898-1974)

    BirthplaceVarna, Bulgaria

    Fritz Zwicky (; German: [ˈtsvɪki]; February 14, 1898 – February 8, 1974) was a Swiss astronomer. He worked most of his life at the California Institute of Technology in the United States of America,...  more
  • 19

    Christian Menn

    Civil engineer, Designer


    BirthplaceMeiringen, Switzerland

    Christian Menn is a bridge designer from Switzerland. He owned his own Engineering Company in Chur, Switzerland from 1957-1971. From 1971 until his retirement in 1992 he became a professor of...  more
  • 20

    Georg Cantor

    Mathematician, Philosopher

    AgeDec. at 72 (1845-1918)

    BirthplaceSaint Petersburg, Russia

    Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor ( KAN-tor; German: [ˈɡeɔɐ̯k ˈfɛɐ̯dinant ˈluːtvɪç ˈfɪlɪp ˈkantɔɐ̯]; March 3 [O.S. February 19] 1845 – January 6, 1918) was a German mathematician. He created set...  more
  • 21

    AgeDec. at 79 (1884-1963)

    BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

    Jean Felix Piccard (January 28, 1884 in Basel, Switzerland – January 28, 1963 in Minneapolis, Minnesota), also known as Jean Piccard, was a Swiss-born American chemist, engineer, professor and...  more
  • 22

    Joseph A Knight

    Joseph A. Knight is currently in his first role as part of Medtronic's Leadership Development Rotation Program (LDRP). He was a fellow in the Stanford Biodesign Program 2005-06....
  • 23

    AgeDec. at 78 (1884-1962)

    BirthplaceBasel, Switzerland

    Auguste Antoine Piccard (28 January 1884 – 24 March 1962) was a Swiss physicist, inventor and explorer, known for his record-breaking helium-filled balloon flights, with which he studied the Earth's...  more
  • 24

    Bernard Tschumi

    Architect, Writer


    BirthplaceLausanne, Switzerland

    Bernard Tschumi is an architect, writer, and educator, commonly associated with deconstructivism. Son of the well-known architect Jean Tschumi, born of French and Swiss parentage, he works and lives...  more
  • 25

    Naguib Sawiris

    Businessperson, Politician


    BirthplaceDVD Region 2, Middle East, Egypt, Arab world

    Naguib Onsi Sawiris (or Sawires; Coptic: ⲛⲉⲅⲓⲃ ⲁⲛⲥⲓ ⲥⲉⲩⲏⲣⲟⲥ; Egyptian Arabic: نجيب اُنسي ساويرس‎, IPA: [næˈɡiːb ˈʔonsi sæˈwiːɾɪs, -iːɾes]; born 17 June 1954) is an Egyptian billionaire businessman....  more
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