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List of famous female nutritionists, listed by their level of prominence with photos when available. This greatest female nutritionists list contains the most prominent and top females known for being nutritionists. There are thousand of females working as nutritionists in the world, but this list highlights only the most notable ones. Historic nutritionists have worked hard to become the best that they can be, so if you're a female aspiring to be a nutritionist then the people below should give you inspiration.

List is made up of people like Emily Patterson and Leigh Trombley.

While this isn't a list of all female nutritionists, it does answer the questions "Who are the most famous female nutritionists?" and "Who are the best female nutritionists?"
Susan Powter is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous Female Nutritionists
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Susan Powter is an Australian-born motivational speaker, nutritionist, personal trainer and author, who rose to fame in the 1990s with her catchphrase "Stop the Insanity!", which was the centerpiece of her weight loss infomercial. She hosted her own talk show The Susan Powter Show in the 1990s. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 61

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

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Robin Miller is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Famous Female Nutritionists
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Robin Vitetta-Miller was the host of the Food Network cooking show Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller. As a nutritionist and food writer, her work has appeared in multiple magazines and publications. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 52

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Mary T. Pond

Gillian McKeith is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Famous Female Nutritionists
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Gillian McKeith is a Scottish nutritionist, television presenter, pseudoscientist, and writer. She is the former host in the UK of Channel 4's You Are What You Eat and Granada Television's Dr Gillian McKeith's Feel Fab Forever, and as of 2010 presents Eat Yourself Sexy on the W Network in Canada. She is the author of several books about nutrition, including You Are What You Eat, and Dr Gillian McKeith's Ultimate Health Plan. McKeith advocates a pescetarian diet high in fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and tofu, and the avoidance of processed and high-calorie foods, sugar and fat, red meat, alcohol, caffeine, white flour, and additives. She recommends detox diets and colonic ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 59

Birthplace: Perth, United Kingdom

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