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This list of famous female pastors is ranked by their level of prominence, with photos when available. This greatest female pastors list contains the most prominent and famous women preachers. These female pastors are also featured on famous female evangelists and famous televangelists. There are thousands of females working as pastors in the world, but this list highlights only the most notable ones. Famous female preachers and pastors have worked hard to become the best that they can be for their parishioners, inspiring and motivating them through their faith.

This list is made up both Black women preachers and famous female ministers of many other races as well. Among the top woman preachers below, you'll find Victoria Osteen and Paula White. You might have seen these popular lady preachers on TV, so many names will be familiar.  

While this isn't a list of all famous women pastors, it does feature many great women preachers who are powerful speakers and inspiring thinkers. Who are the most famous female pastors? Who are the best female pastors? Take a look below!


  • Photo: Bobbie Houston / Instagram

    Bobbie Houston

    Roberta Lee Houston (born 16 January 1957), better known as Bobbie Houston, is a New Zealand-born Australian Pentecostal pastor in the Australian Christian Churches. Houston and her husband, Brian, founded and are the Senior Pastors of the Hillsong Church in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, Australia.  ...more
    • Age: 64
    • Birthplace: New Zealand
  • Photo: Linda Livingston / Facebook

    Linda Livingston

    Linda Livingston is the mother of Ron Livingston.
    • Photo: Heidi Neumark / Facebook

      Heidi Neumark

      Heidi Neumark (born March 9, 1954) is the author of the book Breathing Space: A Spiritual Journey in the South Bronx (Beacon Press).  ...more
      • Age: 67
    • Photo: Becky Fischer / Facebook

      Becky Fischer

      Becky Fischer (born May 31, 1951) is a Pentecostal children's pastor best known for her role in the 2006 documentary Jesus Camp.  ...more
      • Age: 70