Famous Historical Figures Who Were Probably More Than One Person

There are a lot of famous historical figures that we assume were one person – one solitary individual who changed the world and found immortality in the popular culture through historical myths and legends. Many of these famous people, however, may have been more than one person, if they were real at all. William Shakespeare is one of these often-cited, legendarily prolific creators who scholars have reason to believe (and debate) could've been more than one person; in fact, the list of people who could have been Shakespeare is a decently long one. 

When it comes to historical narratives, it's oftentimes more satisfying (and less mentally exhausting) to be able to attach a wide range of daring and amazing feats – or a prolific body of work – to a single individual. These are the people that then inspire generations through their seemingly superhuman ability to create and lead; they provide inspirational models to which few can compare.

However, they also sometimes create unnecessarily impossible standards, and they can even become ideologically and politically malevolent – like some of the myths about the founding of America have become.

Is it possible that history has produced ridiculously amazing individuals who have been capable of the work of 10 people? Certainly.

Have some historical figures been exaggerated in the centuries since their passing? Undoubtedly.

Here's to the people behind the single person history has remembered.

Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License