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Famous Film Directors from Sweden

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List of famous film directors from Sweden, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Sweden has given birth to some great movie directors over the years, many of who have gone on to direct popular comedies, dramas, horror movies and more. These are some of the best Swedish directors in the history of the world, so if you're a native of Sweden and an aspiring director then these are people you should look up to.

List items range from Göran Carmback to Gösta Ekman.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Swedish directors?" and "Which directors are from Sweden?"

You can click on the names of these legendary directors of Sweden in order to get more information about each one. If you're a film buff use this list of talented Swedish directors to find some new movies you haven't already seen.
  • Åke Falck

    Dec. at 49 (1925-1974)

    BirthplaceGothenburg, Sweden, Eurasia, Västra Götaland County


    Films DirectedCavalleria rusticana, The Princess

    Åke Falck was a Swedish film director. He directed 13 films between 1958 and 1972. His 1966 film The Princess was entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival....  more
  • Åke Grönberg

    Dec. at 55 (1914-1969)

    BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden


    Films Directed91:an Karlsson muckar (tror han)

    Karl Åke Edvard Grönberg was a Swedish film actor who appeared in nearly 100 films. Gronberg was a versatile stage personality of his day, performing as a singer, variety artist, actor, in musical...  more
  • BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden


    Films DirectedTo Kill a Child

    Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård (born 25 August 1976) is a Swedish actor. He is best known for his roles as vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood, Meekus in Zoolander, the title...  more

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  • BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden

    NationalitySweden, United States of America

    Films DirectedScandalize My Name

    Alexandra Isles (née Moltke; born February 11, 1946) is a former actress and a documentary filmmaker. She appeared as the original Victoria Winters from 1966–68 on the TV serial Dark Shadows....  more
  • BirthplaceLomma, Sweden


    Films DirectedKiss Me

    Alexandra-Therese Keining is a screenwriter, film director and casting director....  more
  • Alf Kjellin

    Dec. at 68 (1920-1988)

    BirthplaceLund, Sweden


    Films DirectedThe Girls of Huntington House, The McMasters, The Pleasure Garden, Swinging at the Castle, Midas Run

    Alf Kjellin (Swedish pronunciation: [alf.̍ɕɛllɪn]; 28 February 1920 – 5 April 1988) was a Swedish film actor and director, who also appeared on some television shows....  more
  • Alf Sjöberg

    Dec. at 77 (1903-1980)

    BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden


    Films DirectedThe Heavenly Play, Ön, Wild Birds, Last Pair Out, Only a Mother

    Sven Erik Alf Sjöberg (21 June 1903 – 17 April 1980) was a Swedish theatre and film director. He won the Grand Prix du Festival at the Cannes Film Festival twice: in 1946 for Torment (Swedish: Hets)...  more
  • BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden

    NationalitySweden, United Kingdom

    Films DirectedAn Act of Valour

    Allan Corduner (born 2 April 1950) is an English actor born in Stockholm to a German mother and a Russo-Finnish father. He grew up in a secular Jewish home in London. After earning a BA (Hons) in...  more
  • Allan Edwall

    Dec. at 73 (1924-1997)

    BirthplaceJämtland, Sweden


    Films DirectedÅke and His World, Pirates of the Lake

    Johan Allan Edwall (25 August 1924 – 7 February 1997) was a Swedish actor, director, author, composer and singer, best-known outside Sweden for the small roles he played in some of Ingmar Bergman's...  more
  • Anders Eriksson

    Age: 63

    BirthplaceTrollhättan, Sweden


    Films DirectedStinsen brinner

    Anders Georg Eriksson (born 3 August 1956) is a Swedish revue artist, comedian and actor. He is best known as a member of the comedy group Galenskaparna och After Shave. Actor and comedian Claes...  more
  • Anders Henrikson

    Dec. at 69 (1896-1965)

    BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden


    Films DirectedBlood and Fire, Blixt och dunder, Valfångare

    Anders Henrik Henrikson (13 June 1896 – 17 October 1965) was a Swedish actor and film director. He appeared in 57 films between 1913 and 1965. He also directed 30 films between 1933 and 1956....  more
  • Anders Jacobsson

    Age: 44



    Films DirectedEvil Ed

  • Anders Jacobsson

    Age: 54

    BirthplaceSweden, Stockholm County, Eurasia, Stockholm, Stockholm Municipality


    Films DirectedEvil Ed

    Anders Jacobsson is a cinematographer, film editor, screenwriter, film director and an actor....
  • Anders Lennberg

    Age: 55

    BirthplaceSöderhamn, Sweden


    Films DirectedKärlekens Språk, Blå måndag

    Anders Lennberg is a film director and screenwriter....
  • BirthplaceKil, Sweden


    Films DirectedZero Tolerance, Johan Falk: Alla råns moder, When Darkness Falls, Johan Falk: De 107 patrioterna, Johan Falk: GSI - Gruppen för särskilda insatser

    Anders Nilsson (born August 15, 1963) is a Swedish film director, writer and photographer. He was born in Kil in Värmland, Sweden. ...  more
  • BirthplaceLuleå, Sweden


    Films DirectedDer Schlangemann

    Andreas Hansson is a film producer, a screenwriter, a cinematographer and a film director....  more
  • BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden


    Films DirectedBlind

    Annika Larsson is a contemporary artist. She received a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm.In an interview with the Independent newspaper she said, "a...  more
  • Arne Carlsson

    Age: 74

    BirthplaceGotland County, Sweden


    Films DirectedGotska Sandön

    Arne Carlsson is a cinematographer....
  • Arne Mattsson

    Dec. at 76 (1919-1995)

    BirthplaceUppsala, Sweden


    Films DirectedMannequin in Red, One Summer of Happiness, Bread of Love, Ljuvlig är sommarnatten, Sailors

    Arne Mattsson (2 December 1919 - 28 June 1995) was a Swedish film director, born in Uppsala. His early movies were mostly comedies. His biggest success was Hon dansade en sommar (1951, aka. One...  more
  • Arne Sucksdorff

    Dec. at 84 (1917-2001)

    BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden


    Films DirectedThe Living Stream, Symphony of a City, The Flute and the Arrow, My Home Is Copacabana, Cry of the Penguins

    Arne Edvard Sucksdorff (3 February 1917, – 4 May 2001) was a Swedish film director, considered one of cinema's greatest documentary filmmakers. He was particularly celebrated for his visually poetic...  more
  • Arnold Sjöstrand

    Dec. at 52 (1903-1955)

    BirthplaceSundbyberg Municipality, Sweden


    Films DirectedTwo Women

    Arnold Sjöstrand (30 June 1903 – 1 February 1955) was a Swedish actor and film director. He appeared in 33 films between 1931 and 1952....  more
  • Arthur Izakowicz

    Age: 34

    BirthplaceSweden, Eurasia, Skåne County, Scania, Malmö


    Films DirectedWhen the Man Comes Around

    Arthur Izakowicz is a cinematographer, screenwriter and film producer....
  • Arvid E. Gillstrom

    Dec. at 46 (1889-1935)

    BirthplaceGothenburg, Sweden


    Films DirectedThe Hobo, The Rogue, Their Social Splash, The Slave, Dough Nuts

    Arvid E. Gillstrom (13 August 1889 – 21 May 1935), was a Swedish film director and screenwriter. He was born Arvid Evald Gyllström in Annedal, Gothenburg, Sweden and died in Hollywood, California....  more
  • BirthplaceLund, Sweden


    Films DirectedEndless Love, Anders & Harri, The Great Liberty, The Substitute

    Åsa Blanck is a film director, producer and screenwriter....  more
  • Åsa Elzén

    Age: 47

    BirthplaceGotland, Gotland County, Visby, Sweden, Eurasia


    Films DirectedA Year of Sisterhood

    Åsa Elzén is a film director....  more