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Famous Foley Artists

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List of famous foley artists, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Hard working foley artists are an integral part of every film set. An often under appreciated job, any film would not be able to hit the big screen without the help of a good foley artist. This list includes examples of famous or notable foley artists from some of the best films ever to hit the silver screen. Whereas most people ask the question, "What is a foley artist?" this list informs the reader as to who some of the best foley artists are, as well as information like their year of birth and more.

If you want to answer the questions, "Who are the most famous foley artists?" and "Who are the best foley artists?" then this list is the perfect resource for you.

The list you're viewing has a variety of people, like Steve Burgess and Richard Partlow, in it.
  • 1

    Adrian Medhurst

    Adrian Medhurst is a foley artist.
  • 2

    Alex Ullrich

    Alex Ullrich was nominated for a 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound...
  • 3

    Alicia Stevenson

    Alicia Stevenson works in film and television in the sound department.
  • 4
    Alyson Dee Moore is a foley artist and the daughter of Alvy Moore.
  • 5

    Amy Kane

    Amy Kane is a foley artist.
  • 6
    Andie Derrick is a foley artist.
  • 7

    André Hervée

    André Hervée is a sound engineer.
  • 8

    Andrea King

    Andrea King is a foley artist.
  • 9
    Andy Malcolm is a film and television foley artist.
  • 10

    Anita Cannella

    Anita Cannella is a foley artist.
  • 11

    Asger Møller

    Asger Møller is a film crewmember.
  • 12

    Assia Dnednia

    Assia Dnednia is a foley artist.
  • 13

    Balzhi Liza

  • 14

    Barnaby Smyth

    Barnaby Smyth is a foley artist.
  • 15

    Bashir Abu Rabi'a

    Bashir Abu Rabi'a is a film art director, costume designer and set decorator.
  • 16

    Bess Hopper

    Bess Hopper is a foley artist.
  • 17

    Brendan Ostrander

  • 18

    Brian Carter

  • 19

    Brian Vancho

    Brian Vancho is a foley artist.
  • 20

    Bridget Farrington

  • 21

    Cal Shumiatcher

    Cal Shumiatcher is a film and television producer.
  • 22

    Cam Wagner

    Cam Wagner is a foley artist.
  • 23

    Caoimhe Doyle

    Caoimhe Doyle is a film foley artist.
  • 24

    Carolyn McLaughlin

  • 25

    Carsten Richter

    Age: 55
    Carsten Richter is a sound technician.
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