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Famous Friends Of Aretha Franklin

Updated 6 Aug 201928 items

Aretha Franklin was a lot of things to a lot of different people. To her fans, she was the Queen of Soul. Over decades, her music reverberated throughout the public consciousness with many turning to her songs for comfort and guidance. 

For others, she was a dear friend. She was in the business for so long, she made countless celebrity friends. Even those who did not know her that well spoke highly of her, and when she passed away on August 16th, 2018, it was a genuine tragedy.

For this list, we celebrate her incredible life and career by looking back on everyone who was fortunate enough to call Aretha Franklin a friend. These are the best celebrity friendships she had.

Some of her celebrity best friends make sense. Gladys Knight ran into Franklin frequently over the years, and they got to know each other quite well. 

However, there are also some unlikely celebrity friendships in the mix. Robert De Niro also met Aretha on various occasions, and he played an instrumental role in getting her documentary green-lit. So who is the Aretha Franklin best friend?

Aretha Franklin had more friends than you could count, but this list goes over just a few of the best celebrity friendships of Aretha Franklin. Read below to see more of the friends of Aretha Franklin. 

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