22 Famous Gay People Who Once Had Opposite-Sex Spouses

List of famous gay people who were married to spouses of the opposite sex, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several people who have come out as gay have been married. Some people married before they fully recognized that they were gay, while others used their marriages to keep their sexuality a secret from the public.

Who is the most famous gay person who was married? Elton John tops our list. The singer married Renate Blauel, a German recording engineer, in 1984. Many people in the media speculated that the marriage was to cover up John's sexuality, as he had previously stated that he was bisexual. They divorced in 1988, and John told Rolling Stone magazine that he "was comfortable being gay." He married David Furnish, who he had been in a relationship with since 1993, in 2005.

Several famous gay actors were married to women in their lives. Anthony Perkins was married to the actress Berry Berenson. The couple had two children: Oz Perkins (born 1974) and Elvis Perkins (born 1976). Perkins had several relationships with men prior to his marriage. He died from AIDS related complications in 1992. Other gay actors who were married include Rock Hudson, Alan Cumming, and Jack Wrangler.

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