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Famous Georgia Tech College Of Computing Alumni/Students

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Famous alumni from Georgia Tech College of Computing; graduates who have achieved stature in their field. Photos are included in this notable Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing alumni list. Prominent alums from this institution include celebrities, politicians, business people, and more. This list of distinguished Georgia Tech College of Computing alumni is alphabetical and sortable by column if you need to search by specific criteria. Please note that this directory is not just composed of graduates of this school; you can find any famous people who attended this school for at least a semester here. Items on this list include James F. O'Brien and Rosalind Picard. {#nodes}
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    Rosalind Picard

    Professor, Computer scientist
    Rosalind Wright Picard (born May 17, 1962) is an American scholar who is Professor of Media...  more
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    D. Richard Hipp

    Dwayne Richard Hipp (born April 9, 1961) is the architect and primary author of SQLite as well...  more
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    Tom Cross

    Entrepreneur, Computer scientist
    Tom Cross, also known as Decius, is an American computer security expert and hacker....  more
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    Gene Spafford

    Computer scientist, Engineer
    Eugene Howard Spafford (born 1956), commonly known as Spaf, is an American professor of...  more
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    James Edward Allchin (born 1951, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States) is an American...  more
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    Jeff Trinkle

    Computer scientist
    Jeffrey C. Trinkle is Professor and former Chair of Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic...  more
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    Prof Marcus Sachs DD (1812–1869) was a 19th-century Polish Jew who emigrated to Scotland and...  more
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    Mike Pinkerton

    Mike "Pink" Pinkerton is an American Software Engineer who is known for his work on the...  more
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    Eric Allender

    Computer scientist
    Eric Warren Allender (born in 1956) is an American computer scientist active in the field of...  more
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    James F. O'Brien is a computer graphics researcher and professor of Computer Science and...  more
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    Billy Hoffman

    Billy Hoffman is an American entrepreneur and hacker, from Atlanta, Georgia....  more
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    Craig Mundie

    Craig James Mundie (born July 1, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio) is Senior Advisor to the CEO at...  more