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The 25 Sexiest (Famous) Girls with Tattoos

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Hot girls and tattoos go together like milk and cookies. Hot chicks like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox and ink? Well, those go together like the best milk you've ever tasted and the absolute best f*cking chocolate chip cookies in the world. From tattoo queens like Angelina Jolie and Kat Von D, to unexpected tramp stamps from the likes of Julia Roberts and hand tattoos on Helen Mirren, here are the 25 hottest celebrity females who have tattoos, making them that much hotter. Disclaimer: This list is judged by how well the girl pulls off the tattoos, how many tattoos she has, and how hot she is. This allows us not to focus on the, sometimes hotter, wrist/ankle tattoo and tramp stamp crowd. They get plenty of attention.

Check out these sexy tattooed women, these hot women with tattoos. I bet you'll love these sexy tattoos!
  • Charlize Theron
    Photo: user uploaded image

    This South African beauty has one of the sultriest eyes around and with legs that go on for miles, Charlize Theron also adds a little element of surprise with her koi fish ankle tattoo.

    • Age: 40
    • Birthplace: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
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  • Placement: Arm, Wrist, Ankle

    Quirky and bodacious pop star Katy Perry also has some tats to share, not just her tits. Lucky for us, we often get a good look at them since she loves nothing more than to be wearing next to nothing. Key word here: NEXT to nothing. *Hits one of his henchmen in a rage*

    • Age: 35
    • Birthplace: Santa Barbara, California, United States of America
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  • Hayden Panettiere
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Placement: Vertical Side Quote at Waist

    Hayden Panettiere is only 5"1, but this miniature cutie has a tat that's big and bold, at least in meaning. Reading "Vivere senza rimipianti," Italian for "live without regret," the word "rimpianti" is purposely misspelled for a fresh angle on the phrase. At least that's what her publicist says.
    • Age: 26
    • Birthplace: Palisades, New York, USA
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  • Shenae Grimes
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Placement: Thigh, Side Chest

    This "90210" actress is like the Canadian version of Rachel Bilson. She's tiny, brunette, and as cute as a button. She also has a nose you just want to nibble, like Rachel's. Yeah, go ahead, do a Google Image search of both of their adorable little noses.

    What Shenae has that Rachel doesn't though, is a hot assortment of sexy tattoos. Sadly, Rachel has said that she can't get one because "I haven't [even] slept in the same thing for two years straight."

    ...Shenae's all we got, guys! And she's worth a looksie.

    • Age: 30
    • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
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